Top 10 Profitable Coaching Niches in 2022 [from real data] (2022)

Are you wondering about how to pick the right profitable coaching niche in order to build a successful coaching business?

Do you ask yourself questions like…

Who is the richest type of life coach?

Is there a higher demand for life coaching or career coaching?

Do people want a mindset coach?

How can I pick a coaching niche that will make me successful?

Is executive coaching profitable?

You can expect to find real answers to these questions, from the real data provided below.

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Here’s real-life data from Google that shows the most in-demand profitable coaching niches:

(In this article I’ll also go into how you can use this information to pick a narrower niche that is wildly profitable, later on in this article)

The table below shows the Top 10 Profitable Coaching Niches:

It displays a list of the most popular niches based on how many people search for them on Google every day.
(data from April 2022)

Main Coaching Niche / Sector Number of Monthly Google Searches for each coaching niche Number of Yearly Google Searches for each coaching niche
Life Coach 135,000 1,620,000
Career Coach 40,000 480,000
Sales Coach 35,800 429,600
Business Coach 34,900 418,800
Health Coach 22,200 266,400
Leadership Coach 16,400 196,800
Wellness Coach 15,900 190,800
Sex Coach 14,900 178,800
Nutrition Coach 9,300 111,600
Money Coach 5,300 63,600

This data is taken only from the main keyword and is, therefore, a very conservative estimate – in reality, there are a lot of sub-niches or narrower niches that generate further traffic. Most importantly narrower niches produce much higher quality traffic that converts into customers much more easily.

For example, Life coaching is searched by potential clients 135,000 times per month. However, in this keyword, there is no indication of the kind of problem they have. Therefore it is likely they will kiss many frogs (or bad match coaches) before they actually land one that can help them.

However, a prospect looking for a ‘burnout coach’ is more likely to immediately find what they’re looking for and buy. This makes these leads highly valuable. Tapping into a narrow niche or sub-niche topic will help you grow your business without having a large audience.

The table shows some examples of the kind of traffic you can expect for life coaching niches and more…

The table below shows 20 popular life coaching niches narrowed down further.
Life Coaching Narrow Niche Number of Monthly Google Searches for each niche Number of Yearly Google Searches for each niche
Sleep coach 13,000 156,000
Dating Coach 8,500 102,000
Lifestyle Coach 7,800 93,600
Mindset Coach 7,700 92,400
Relationship Coach 6,700 80,400
Parenting coach 4,700 56,400
Stress Coach 4,100 49,200
Interview Coach 4,000 48,000
Confidence Coach 3,500 42,000
Accountability Coach 2,900 34,800
Spiritual Coach 2,700 32,400
Burnout Coach 2,700 32,400
Mental Health Coach 2,600 31,200
Life coach for teenagers 2,300 27,600
Teacher career coach 2,100 25,200
Divorce Coach 1,700 20,400
Happiness Coach 1,200 14,400
Pregnancy Coach 650 7,800

As you can see from the table above, there is also a healthy demand (measured through Google searches) for narrower, more specific coaching needs. This kind of sub-niche or narrower niche within the life coaching niche, is going to produce prospects that are clear on what they need and are simply shopping around for the right person.

This gives you 3 major advantages as a coach looking for clients:

  1. Your lead/prospect is clear about what they want
  2. They are actively looking for it which indicates the timing for them to buy is right now!
  3. They know enough about coaches out there to know that they need to look for a specific coach, not any life coach will do

These 3 elements give you a much warmer lead and a prospect that will convert into a client much more easily than any other lead. This is what makes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) leads, that come from Google searches much more likely to buy. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at selling or not – you won’t need to do any selling because the prospect knows they want to buy already and are simply exploring options.

Most coaches can close at least 50% of these SEO leads that book a discovery call automatically from their website (my closing rate and that of my clients is often very close to 100%).

They find the website through a Google search, land on a blog post or other type of content, and book your discovery call with the intention to buy.
(If you’d like help to pick your niche and pin down a content marketing strategy that attracts those ideal clients? Book a Free Call Here)

Top 10 Profitable Coaching Niches in 2022 [from real data] (1)
*** Now it’s your turn to pick a profitable niche —
Picking the right niche is essential for a profitable coaching practice.

Here’s how to pick the most profitable niche for YOUR coaching practice:

Step 1: Base your coaching niche on your talents

The first thing you need to do is to look at your talents.

Exercise: Make a list of all the different things your clients, friends, and family tell you you’re good at. What talents make you stand out? Think of past experiences that have given special insight into particular topics too.

For example, My clients say I am deeply compassionate and they feel like I know exactly what they’re thinking because I have lost both my parents at a young age and this makes me a better grief coach.

Step 2: Find a coaching niche that pays

The second thing to think about is money. The easiest way to pick a niche that pays is by looking at the competition. Look at people who are doing things that you could be doing. Research the kind of niches they’re adopting and which coaches seem to have made it.

Don’t be fooled by the amount of FB or IG posts they share, look for signs of real wealth. Like announcing a waiting list for their services, charging high-ticket, driving an expensive car or living in a big house.

Look for the truth though do not be blinded by fancy social media posts (there are coaches out there that hire hotel rooms to take pictures in luxury spaces and by the pool – so be careful don’t be fooled – often wealth is simply expressed by having time and money to travel and do what they please)

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Look at their social media to understand which topics and packages are getting the most engagement from their audience. This will give you a good idea of what is popular.

Another easy way to find out if something is profitable is to check Google. Go to and type in various niches – lookout for the number of search results… the more search results you find the more likely that niche is profitable. It also means it’s competitive but the next tip will take care of that.

Step 3: Find the most painful struggles you resolve

The more pain a prospect is in, the more likely they are to value your help. The more they value your help, the more they will be willing to pay for it.

Chances are that those people in your client list that need you the most can be used to model an ideal client that is willing to pay you more.

Exercise: Make a list of all the struggles that you resolve.

For example: If you’re a teen parenting coach, your struggles list may look like this.

  1. Teen doesn’t listen to parents
  2. Teen hates parents
  3. Teen is failing at school
  4. Teen is always arguing with siblings
  5. Teen is lazy
  6. Teen is loud and rude

Out of the struggles above chances are 2,3 and 4 are going to be more emotionally charged, therefore you should create packages that speak to these struggles. We niche not just by name but also by offering.

Now make your list and find you most emotionally-charged urgent client struggles.

Top 10 Profitable Coaching Niches in 2022 [from real data] (2)

Step 4: Messaging and Packages

The next step is to use the struggles and information collected in steps 1 to 3 above to create clear messaging, naming, and package offerings.

Focus on calling yourself a parenting coach, a career coach, etc but emphasize who you work with. These should come from step 2 where you looked at your competitors and those parts of their business that seem more profitable.

Then throw in the struggles. And make your packages struggle-based. You can also use different packages to clarify who you work with.

Here’s an example:

As a career coach, you might call yourself

“The Career Coach for Teachers who want a better income”

Here we’ve identified teachers as a target audience and the need to make more money as a struggle.

Then you can look at the different types of people you work with and create packages such as ‘Making yourself ready for a career jump” package, ‘Creating a career plan’ package.

These two are still talking to the same struggle and ideal client but they address people at different lags of the teacher career journey.

Want to dive deeper into designing your offers around a profitable niche that will help you book and close more discovery calls?

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———————— About the Author: Stephanie Fiteni

Top 10 Profitable Coaching Niches in 2022 [from real data] (3)Hi, I’m Stephanie, a Marketing strategist and Traffic growth coach for coaches and creator of the Profitable Content Marketing Method.

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I help coaches generate more traffic and clients through their blogs, podcasts, and websites.
And automate their social media posting.

My clients get fully booked with just 2 hours of marketing per week.

I have over 15 years of experience creating websites, writing blogs that convert and ranking content on the first page of Google. I’ve also managed the content team (Inbound Marketing and Social Media) in my own agency for over 10 years.

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How do I choose my coaching niche? ›

Discovering your coaching niche is an ongoing journey, which you'll refine and develop even further as you gain more experience and skills. Be open and confident to change.
Ask yourself:
  1. What am I passionate about?
  2. What do I love doing?
  3. What am I specifically drawn towards?
  4. What feels natural?
24 Feb 2020

Is executive coaching profitable? ›

Executive Coaching is a proven way to develop individual, team, and organizational performance across industries. A Metrix Global study found that executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI) based on factors including increases in productivity and employee retention.

What results do people want from coaching? ›

Outcomes from going through coaching will be:

Feeling better - relaxed, in 'flow, heading in the right direction. Feeling excited, lighter, happier, satisfied - things you never felt before or at least lately! Gaining knowledge and information to make informed choices and effective decisions that benefit you.

What are the 3 main coaching styles? ›

The world of sport has three generally accepted styles of coaching: autocratic, democratic and holistic. Each coaching style has benefits, drawbacks and particular uses, and it's important to understand all three.

What are the 4 main coaching styles? ›

While every coach is unique, most common coaching styles fall into one of four major categories: democratic, autocratic, laissez-faire, and holistic. Those interested in pursuing a career in coaching need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each style.

Who is the most successful life coach? ›

Anthony Robbins is perhaps the most famous American author, coach, and speaker in the world today. His seminars have impacted over 50 million people from 80 countries and have been turned into a Netflix documentary film called I Am Not Your Guru.

What is the ROI of coaching? ›

The results of the ROI of coaching have ranged from 37% to 570% or even 689%. Although the upper end of those estimates seems rather exaggerated, renowned coaching researcher, Prof. Dr. Carsten Schermuly, has pointed out: even at the lowest estimate of 37% ROI, coaching would be well worth its investment.

How much is a CEO coach? ›

You can expect coaches to charge between $150 and $650 per hour for their expertise. Those nearer the lower end might have only one to three years of experience, or they specialize in coaching newer leaders who are either looking to move into the role of manager or shift to a new career or industry.

What are the 4 major skills that are needed to be a successful coach? ›

There are 5 fundamental coaching skills.
  • 1) Building Rapport and Relationship. One way to increase rapport is known as matching. ...
  • 2-3) Different Levels of Listening and Using Intuition. ...
  • 4) Asking Effective Questions. ...
  • 5) Giving Constructive Feedback.
4 May 2020

What are 3 qualities of an effective coach? ›

  • An effective coach is positive. ...
  • An effective coach is enthusiastic. ...
  • An effective coach is supportive. ...
  • An effective coach is trusting. ...
  • An effective coach is focused. ...
  • A good coach is goal-oriented. ...
  • An effective coach is observant. ...
  • A good coach is respectful.

What skills must a successful coach have? ›

Examples of coaching skills
  • Empathy.
  • Curiosity.
  • Positivity.
  • Persistence.
  • Innovation.
  • Communication.
  • Sincerity.
  • Guidance.

What are the 5 styles of coaching? ›

Here, we'll outline the pros and cons of five different types of coaching styles.
  • Democratic coaching. This method gives the team freedom and accountability, with the coach stepping in only when needed to keep the process going. ...
  • Authoritarian coaching. ...
  • Holistic coaching. ...
  • Autocratic coaching. ...
  • Vision coaching.

What is the best platform for coaches? ›

What Are The Best Coaching Platforms?
  • Thinkific. Thinkific is a learning platform that allows you to create courses, host them on your own website and sell them. ...
  • Acuity Scheduling. ...
  • CoachAccountable. ...
  • TrueCoach. ...
  • My PT Hub. ...
  • Vcita. ...
  • Satori.

How can I make a lot of money as a coach? ›

5 Ways to Make More Money as a Coach or Consultant
  1. Create a niche for yourself. ...
  2. Create a digital footprint. ...
  3. Focus on network marketing. ...
  4. Offer complementary services. ...
  5. Build long-lasting relationships.
21 Oct 2016

What is the future of coaching industry? ›

It is expected the market value to reach $20 billion by 2022 with a 6.7% average yearly growth rate from 2019 to 2022. Moreover, according to PwC, the Coaching Industry was the second fastest growing sector in the world. It is estimated that there are currently 5,86,292 coaches worldwide in 2019.

What is coaching trending? ›

Relationship Driven Approach

Effective coaching stand on the tripod of trust, bond and strong relation. You can expect 2021, to continue the coaching trend of building authentic and meaningful relationships.

How do coaches attract clients? ›

7 Ways to Attract More Clients for Your Online Coaching Business
  1. Carve Out a Specific Niche. ...
  2. Incentivize Referrals. ...
  3. Optimize your Social Media Presence. ...
  4. Write and Publish Thought Leadership Pieces. ...
  5. Email Marketing. ...
  6. Paid Advertising.
8 Jul 2022

What are the 3 C's of coaching? ›

The Three “C's” of a Coaching Perspective
  • Curiosity: You won't see possibilities in situations unless you're curious about what's possible. ...
  • Compassion: Coaches have compassion for people. ...
  • Courage: It always cracks me up when people tell me that coaching is “fluffy” or “soft.” It's anything but.

What are the 3 pillars of coaching? ›

The three pillars of coaching: awareness, self-belief and responsibility. The conscience, self-belief and responsibility are the three pillars of coaching. As important as it is to realize things, it's also important to believe in ourselves and assume the responsibilities that lead to the desired change.

What are the 5 pillars of coaching? ›

The 5 Pillars of Effective Executive Coaching
  • Vision.
  • Insight.
  • Self Awareness.
  • Thinking.
  • Action.
2 May 2014

What are the 4 pillars of coaching? ›

Skillful coaching can be broken down into the four key pillars of Evidence Based Coaching (EBC). These include: the coach's use of self, knowledge of the client, theories and models, and skills of the coach.

What are the 7 steps of coaching? ›

Coaching is a different approach to developing employees' potential.
7 Steps to Coaching Your Employees to Success
  • Step 1: Build a Relationship of Mutual Trust. ...
  • Step 2: Open the Meeting. ...
  • Step 3: Get Agreement. ...
  • Step 4: Explore Alternatives. ...
  • Step 5: Get a Commitment to Act. ...
  • Step 6: Handle Excuses. ...
  • Step 7: Provide Feedback.
1 Nov 2011

Who is the best mindset coach? ›

Tony Robbins

Author of Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins is a leading life coach and entrepreneur known for his motivational practices, uplifting speech and renowned self help books.

How much should a coaching session cost? ›

How much does career coaching cost? Generally, career coaches charge anywhere from $50 to $250 per hour. This varies depending on a few factors, including experience, length of session, and whether they're certified by an independent entity like the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Is there money in life coaching? ›

Life coaching is a growing field with many opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes life coaches in the category of educational, guidance, and career counselors and advisors, who earn a median salary of $60,510 a year, with an overall range of $37,550 to $98,190.

What is the 80/20 rule in coaching? ›

Known as the Pareto Principle, this rule explains that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results. That being the case, leaders should change the way they set goals forever if they want to transform their teams and performance.

What are the best 10 attributes to become a successful coach? ›

A good coach is positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator.

How are coaching fees calculated? ›

The best way to determine your coaching fees is to ring a few coaches around your location and get an idea of how much they are charging based on the experience they have. This will give you an idea.

How much do private coaches charge? ›

Hourly-Based vs Value-Based Pricing

Many coaches charge based on an hourly rate. New coaches typically start at $50-$75 per session. Meanwhile, experienced coaches may charge $100-$200 per session. Then there are package deals that may come in at $1200-$2400 per bundle (but more on this later).

How much should a coach charge per hour? ›

As mentioned earlier, life coaches charge rates similar to other helping professionals. Most life coaches charge somewhere between $75 and $200 per hour. However, you can find coaches who fall outside of that range.

Why CEO needs a coach? ›

Coaches are often the sounding board CEOs need when it comes to overcoming obstacles, whether in their own roles, business functions, or even those faced by their teams. A coach is able to widen perspectives and improve decision-making skills as well.

What are 5 responsibilities of a coach? ›

A great coach will serve many roles: technical supporter, motivator, leader, psychologist, and maybe most importantly, as a role model for the athlete to follow in the competition arena as well as out. Well developed coaches will understand their various roles as it pertains to their overall program.

What are the 8 responsibilities of a coach? ›

  • Coaches' 9 legal Duties. ...
  • Plan the activity properly. ...
  • Provide proper instruction. ...
  • Provide a safe physical environment. ...
  • Provide adequate and proper equipment. ...
  • match your athletes according to size, physical maturity, skill level and experience.
  • evaluate athletes for injury and incapacity. ...
  • Supervise the activity closely.

What are the weaknesses of coaching? ›

Barriers to Coaching and Mentoring
  • The organizational culture.
  • Lack of understanding of the value of coaching.
  • Not seen as a priority for the business.
  • Resistance from senior management.
  • Low levels of skills and experience within the organization.
  • Lack of time and resources.

What are the 5 characteristics of successful coaches? ›

The Five Characteristics of a Successful Coach
  • 1) Expertise.
  • 2) Enthusiasm.
  • 3) Curiosity.
  • 4) The Ability to connect with People.
  • 5) Presence.
  • Conclusion:
13 Feb 2021

What makes a coach unique? ›

Unlike a consultant, a coach doesn't enforce changes – a coach gives their client the confidence to make their own changes and find their own solutions by accessing the qualities that are already inside them.

What are key points in coaching? ›

The 8 Key Skills For Effective Coaching
  • Listening. When growing up we received formal education on reading and writing but not how to listen. ...
  • Questioning. ...
  • Constructively Challenging. ...
  • Holding to account. ...
  • Seeing different perspectives. ...
  • Encouraging and supporting. ...
  • Trusting and using intuition. ...
  • Keeping the focus on your client.

What are 2 additional steps of successful coaches? ›

To this end, a great coach exhibits two skills: 1) recognizing progress and wins, and 2) encouraging the participant to manage through obstacles and secure the needed guidance to be successful. These two skills are essential to implementing and supporting action plans.

What sport do coaches matter most? ›

Coaches matter more in college football than in the pros. They significantly affect points scored, points allowed, point differential and victories. Coaches are highly significant in both NBA and Division I college basketball outcomes, influencing points scored, points allowed, point differential and victories.

Is coaching a profitable business? ›

Do you ever wonder whether coaching is a profitable business to invest in? Well, research suggests—the market size of online tutoring services is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.96% from 2020 to 2025, reaching USD 14.76 bn.

Who is the lowest paid coach? ›

By contrast, the lowest-paid head coach that has been made public is Kevin Stefanski, who is the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Stefanski makes an annual salary of $3.5 million.

Is online coaching profitable? ›

High-Profit Margins and Revenue Potential

Online coaching, especially one-on-one coaching, is one of the most profitable eLearning business models out there. Many online coaches charge thousands of dollars for their programs or coaching sessions. As an online coach, you can set the price you want for your services!

How much do online coaches make? ›

Online Coach pay FAQ

How much does an Online Coach in United States make? The national average salary for an Online Coach is $49,112 per year in United States. Filter by location to see an Online Coach salaries in your area.

What are 3 characteristics of a good coach? ›

  • An effective coach is positive. ...
  • An effective coach is enthusiastic. ...
  • An effective coach is supportive. ...
  • An effective coach is trusting. ...
  • An effective coach is focused. ...
  • A good coach is goal-oriented. ...
  • An effective coach is observant. ...
  • A good coach is respectful.

What makes a poor coach? ›

They use fear, humiliation and demeaning, disrespectful behaviors as “teaching” tools. They are emotionally and sometimes (indirectly) physically abusive. They directly and indirectly pressure athletes to continue to play when injured. They regularly kill the fun and passion that their athletes once had for the sport.

How can I grow my coaching business? ›

Want support in growing your coaching business?
  1. Understanding your business goals + vision.
  2. Defining your ideal clients + their desires.
  3. Creating compelling offers that your clients want to buy.
  4. Clarifying your message to attract the right audience.
  5. Defining a marketing strategy that you can consistently execute over time.

How do I start a successful coaching business? ›

How to Start a Coaching Business
  1. Define Your Skills, Not Experience.
  2. Start Coaching Today.
  3. Develop a Coaching Niche.
  4. Choose a Coaching Business Name.
  5. Incorporate Your Coaching Business.
  6. Understand Your Finances & Expenses.
  7. Gain Coaching Certifications.
  8. Purchase Business Insurance.

Who is the second highest-paid coach? ›

Sean McVay is paid $15-18 million per year by the Los Angeles Rams, making him the highest-paid coach in the league, and rightfully so.
2. Bill BelichickNew England Patriots$12.5 million
3. Pete CarrollSeattle Seahawks$11 million
8 more rows
4 Oct 2022

Who is the highest-paid coach in college? ›

Nick Saban remains college football's highest-paid coach for the third consecutive year. According to USA Today, pay for college football head coaches experienced its greatest one-year spike in 2022 — an average increase of 15.3% since 2021.

Who is the highest pay coach in Europe? ›

Diego Simeone is currently the highest-paid manager in European football. Simeone was an excellent player himself and has made over 500 appearances for various clubs. He has won league titles in Italy and Spain, as well as the UEFA Cup with Inter Milan in 1998.


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