Top 20 Indian Bloggers – Popular Blogs To Follow In 2021 (2024)

Are you a blogger? It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, but you should be well familiar with blogging. Now I am sure you very well know about blogging that’s why you’re reading this article, right. Having inspiration is very important in carrier (like blogging). I always used to get my inspiration which helped me for achieving my goal. So do you have your blogging inspiration? , Are you looking for an Indian blogger who will inspire you? Then this article is for you.

After researching a lot I came up with the list of top Indian bloggers who are having writing their blogs and publishing it worldwide. The listed bloggers are experienced and running businesses through blogging. If you’re searching for a guide then these bloggers can help you find your goal. I have searched a lot of different niches like technology, digital marketing, online branding and a lot many.

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How Best Indian Bloggers List Will Help You?

As I am blogging enthusiastically from the beginning of my carrier. I feel glad while representing my blogging friends & this blogger community to you. We’re blogging enthusiast, weare looking for many bloggers who will help us for making this country digitalize. Our main motto is to create the history in India as many people are still enthusiastically blogging and it’s a strength. We’re here to spread the information as much as we could throughout the country through which our country will move towards digitalism.

Inspirations are the hook to get started with any businesses or marketing investments to get started individually. In any of the digital carriers, inspirations play an important role in order to receive a massive amount of success.

As you’ll remain unaware of the strength of blogging, you’ve to read the respected articles related to your niche. Blogging cannot make you successful quickly, but you have guts along with patience then it can get you on the top, like my friends.

Reading out various blogs and implementing are the two big things that are necessary. You’ll need to learn strategies out there and will also have to update yourself on a daily basis which will make you a way to success. For best blogs, I am recommending to follow these blogs which have a great name and fame throughout the country and still the people are making them an inspiration. They have a huge number of followers. The blogger’s names which I am going to mention are the owner of one or more blogs having a huge following base, they are provided the posts on different niches according to their strategies.

Benefits Of Having A Blog

If you think that blogging is just to make money and become financially started then your judgment is totally wrong. Blogging is the way for fulfilling your dreams by spreading the information at which you’re good at and wanted to deliver it. Blogging is nothing but the interaction with other bloggers or online users. You’ll be having huge community with you which will not let you feel alone. Blogging is the best platform for personal branding and networking.

Apart from just spreading information, you can also make it as a business profitable platform. The following are the ways that will help you in building a business.

  • Blogging helps you for improving online visibility on the search engine.
  • Blogging keeps you interacting with the customers or prospects.
  • It can bring a new audience to your businesses.
  • It can also drive social engagement to get viral.

So now let’s move on to the list which I was talking about.

Top 20 Bloggers In India

(You can also get to know more about them if you visit their own blogs)

1. Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal is known as the man of success through the power of the internet and blogging. He was a quick learner, at the very beginning of blogging he started his first blog using BlogSpot, and soon he moved to the WordPress including self-hosted domain Shout Me Loud. He is a good speaker and never hesitates to speak even in front of hundreds of audiences in the seminars and other events.

Let me tell you that he loves scuba diving, sky diving, bungee jumping, and traveling throughout the world. Apart from this he also likes to read. He is like a cool guy who is good at blogging and reached the top. He started his blog in 2008

About Shout Me Loud:- ShoutMeLoud is the online place where you can learn about digital marketing and online businesses, how to blog, SEO strategies, WordPress, social media marketing and many. You can also get the best SEO strategies and tips which will help you to boost your website and also increases your website traffic and sales too. This website is not only for bloggers and online marketers, but you can also learn about freelancing, business owners, etc. The best part is you can also get some of the cool tools with a great discount for your website.

2. Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi not only tells you about blogging but also guide you for making money through blogging. But that’s not the ultimate goal, building an online network through blogging is very necessary. His experience and blogging journey will motivate you to move forward without over-thinking. He is a world traveler, affiliate marketer, and also an excellent writer most of the people are a die-hard fan of Kulwant Nagi’s writing. He has already visited 20+ countries which tell us that he is an independent business owner. Blogging helped him for achieving his dreams with a good earning source. He started his blog in the year 2012.

About Blogging Cage:- Blogging Cage is a huge website consist of huge amount of visitors, it is known throughout the world, blogging cage is the best blog which discusses the blogging related problems. This blog guides about affiliate marketing, growing online businesses and also about SEO hacks and much more. Blogging cage is the best platform in order to learn about internet marketing.

3. Pradeep Kumar

At the very beginning when Pradeep Kumar was 17 years old he starts his own blog on Blogspot by the name HellBound Bloggers. At the beginning of blogging carrier he was not well familiar with blogging, he even not known about generating money through blogging. The only thing he was known about sharing information through the blog. But still, he started writing posts on the Hellbound bloggers website.

Pradeep Kumar is a well known young entrepreneur who is now chasing his dreams and working on several other blogs too. Now is managing web consulting media i.e SlashSquare too. Pradeep started his blog in the year 2009.

About HellBound Bloggers:- HBB is a part of Pradeep Kumar’s web consulting channel i.e SlashSquare. Hellbound Blogger consist of various tips and consultation related to blogs, SEO, online businesses, WordPress, e-commerce, social media marketing and much more. I’ve come to know that a lot many users are getting a huge knowledge from HBB. We’ll it is not about the basic information like how to create a blog, as it provides you the information like best hosting for your blog and many more.

HBB forum is one of the most precious ones where all the details regarding blogging are present and also the discussion about the various niches.

4. Anil Agrawal

Anil Agrawal is a man who has complete faith in blogging and living a life as an owner, not a seeker. He was inspired by reading about blogging and it’s advantages on many of the other blogs. With the help of passion and interest in blogging, he has become one of the most successful bloggers in India. His expertise shows his knowledge, he is a well-known affiliate marketer also. With excellence, he also owns other blogs having different niches each. He started his blog in the year 2010

About BloggersPassion:- those who are passionate about learning more about blogging and making money online through Blogging, this is the best website for you. His blog articles contains entire knowledge about blogging, SEO and money-making. You will get to know that his blogs are somehow lengthy but more informative.

5. Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla is a full-time blogger and professional trainer. He provides complete information related to the blogging and internet marketing through various blogs he owns. I can say he is a very good online marketer and a teacher. He owns many of the blogs as well and also taking part in an affiliate program. Ankit Singla started his blog in 2018.

About Master Blogging:- Master blogging provides you the complete guide on creating online businesses, learning about blogging hacks, growing email subscriber and also to create online courses and making money through it. The articles are very useful in order to boost up your website.

6. Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju is known for his digital marketing expertise and a good trainer in the field of online marketing. He is a good trainer, digital marketer, good speaker and also a biker. He is in blogging since 2008 and written several books on blogging. He used to consultate people to get succeed in digital marketing. He also conducts free online webinars for the people. The blog started in the year 2013.

About Digital Deepak:- Digital Deepak has become a well-known brand in the field of digital marketing. Digital Deepak focuses on digital marketing strategies and also how to make money using branding deals.

7. Akshay Hallur

Akshay Hallur is a very young blogger in India. He used to represent the blog creating factors and also about SEO tips which helps people. He shares information related to SEO, online marketing & branding also. He is currently running a brand name as BloggingX which is an upgraded blog that used to named Go Blogging Tips. The blog was started in the year 2018.

About BloggingX:- If you’re looking for proper SEO tips along with blogging ideas and niche selection then articles on BloggingX can help you a lot. As it consists of various posts on online branding and SEO.

8. Jitendra Vaswani

He has achieved expertise in the field of digital marketing by owning blogs and online businesses. He is a founder of successful blogs like bloggers ideas, Digiexe and also WordPress plugins. He has achieved a milestone in online marketing, social media influencing, and many more ventures. Along with blogging he is a good speaker and had spoken in various online webinars and live seminars too.

About Bloggers Ideas:- Jitendra Vaswani introduced users to blogger ideas website in 2012. Their main goal is to provide information related to the blog, how to increase traffic, how to write posts, how to install plugins, WordPress guide and so on. They’ve successfully provided the information related to blogs. He also provides reviews of various plugins and hosting which give a customer a path of buying.

9. Iftekhar Ahmed

He is a founder of famous website i.e iftiSEO where you’ll get huge amount of content related to blog guide, how to drive traffic, which is best hosting, SEO strategies and so on. Moreover, he is an avid speaker and influencer who used to speak in various blogging events and live seminar sessions. He shares knowledge with the help of social media as he is a bit more active on it.

About iftiSEO:- iftiSEO is a guiding platform where you’ll get various details regarding making money online, SEO tips, traffic driving strategies, reviews, etc. This could the best website for those who are just a beginner and looking for guidance. You’ll get selected articles over there but believe me, they are good enough then the bulk of articles. With the massive no. of followers iftiSEO is achieving more day by day.

10. Sandeep Mallya

When it comes to digital marketing we can see the famous name of Sandeep Mallya on the list. He is a successful blogger and online marketer. He is an owner of various digital marketing companies like startup cafe digital, blog 99signals and many more. He started the famous agency in 2016 which was amongst the top agencies at that time. And that’s the main reason why Sandeep Mallya is a successful entrepreneur.

About 99 signals:- the 99 signals consist of various articles, blogs, podcasts and eBooks where you can find out the required knowledge. The blog is all about digital marketing and blogging, so if you wanted to own online businesses then 99 signals could be the best platform.

11. Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is a multi talented entrepreneur. The field of interest is Blogging, social media marketing, influencing, public speaker, consultant, author and moreover digital marketer. He begins his carrier as an SEO executive, he is an expert in blogger which makes to stand in top blogger in India. He has recently discovered a new company i.e echoVME which was a award-winning platform in terms of social media. As he owns various blogs through which he shares his story to be a successful entrepreneur.

About Sorav Jain Blog:- Sorav Jain is a professional digital marketing experts, being an online marketer, he also provides free online classes through which one could learn about online marketing as well. The training courses are totally free. He also published books on digital marketing. He also takes interviews of various digital experts like Neil Patel.

12. Swadhin Agrawal

Swadhin Agarwal is a blogger who is expertise in the field of digital marketing, blogging, and freelancing. He has great knowledge about blogging and freelancing he began his carrier in blogging in 2013 due to which his experiences teach beginners a lot more things to become successful in blogging and other online businesses like freelancing. He owns a very popular website i.e DigitalGYD.

About DigitalGYD:- DigitalGYD provides you complete details regarding the blog. If you’re a beginner then DigitalGYD will be more helpful for you as it consists of WordPress plugins details. You’ll get full details regarding the WordPress platform.

13. Pradeep Goyal

Pradeep Goyal has achieved many milestones in the field of digital marketing and stood in the topmost bloggers in India. He is very passionate about blogging, his hobby is to travel around the world and to teach people that how can one survive by making money online. He has already done any of the successful startups and the very famous start-up done in 2015 was CashOverFlow.

About CashOverFlow:- The main focus of CashOverFlow is on financial abundance & financial freedom. You’ll get complete details regarding how can one make money online through the internet. You’ll get information regarding financial freedom as well.

14. Santanu Debnath

Santanu Debnath is following his passion for running a blog. His main motto is to provide genuine content to the audience. His primary business is software development and blogging is the part-time business. With the help of BloggingJOY, he used to share details regarding finance, running a blog successfully, life hacks and many more. With the help of BloggingJOY, he motivates people for following their passion for blogging. He started his successful journey in 2017.

About BloggingJOY:- With the help of BloggingJOY, Santanu shares his journey and you’ll also get to know about earning platforms to create a passive income. You’ll be guided completely to become successful in the blogging carrier. You’ll get to know about more strategic ideas for growing your blog successfully.

15. Sufyan Shaikh

Sufyan Shaikh is a founder of where you’ll get a complete guide regarding blogging, how to take your blog on top, how to drive traffic etc. He begins his mission in 2016 with a huge hope, and it’s becoming true. Sufyan Shaikh is also an expert in the fieldof digital marketing.

About BloggingIndian:- Blogging Indian is a platform where you’ll get complete information regarding blogging, also the reviews of various WordPress essential plugins and hosting. If you’re a blogger then I must say visit at least one time so as to get complete information on blogging.

16. Sumit Sao

Blogging Lift which is a famous blog was created by Sumit Sao, he gets popularity through Blogging Lift. At the very beginning, he failed 3-4 blogs and learned a lot from those failures and finally, he got massive success in Blogging Lift. He used to guide people to run their blogs successfully. Helping people is the main motto of Sumit Rao so he spent more than 7-10 hours helping people. he started his blogging carrier in 2017.

About Blogging Lift:- For beginners Blogging Lift is a perfect blog as it includes tips related to blogging. The SEO strategies which are included in Blogging Lift are more helpful for ranking your website.

17. Rahul Kuntala

Rahul is a full-time blogger and generates 90% of income through blogging. Blogging is his passion. His mission is to make more bloggers in India so as to show the power of blogging. Due to his mission, many of the other bloggers used to take an interview with Rahul Kuntala which motivates people. He owns Blogging Tips which was created in 2012 to motivate people about blogging.

About Blogging Tips:- You’ll get complete detailed information related to blogging and it’s power. You also get to know the starters which can make your blog perfect and also be helpful for increasing audiences.

18. Sathish Kumar Ithemsetty

With the help of blogging, he used to share knowledge regarding the biology niche which is some sort of unique. Sathish used to share tips and tricks related to blogging. His goal is to provide full knowledgeable content to the audiences. He begins his blogging carrier in 2012.

About Blogging Den:- In Blogging Den you’ll get complete review regarding hosting plans, domain authority and many more. If you’re unaware of WordPress installation you’ll be explained step by step the process of installation. His specific affiliate programs help you for getting a discount, you’ll also get free WordPress installation after purchasing through their affiliate links.

19. Ashfaq Ahmad

Ashfaq Ahmad is an affiliate marketer and a blogger, he is very enthusiastic in the field of blogging. As blogging is his passion, he shares his experiences with the help of BloggeRoundup. He is a great personality used to share interviews with various other bloggers which will motivate you to become a successful blogger. His main motto is to educate people regarding blogging.

About BloggeRoundup:- You’ll get various reviews of hosting, domains and WordPress plugins. Apart from this, you can check out various unique and valuable content on blogging tips and tricks. If you’re a beginner then BloggeRoundup will help you to grow your blog exponentially.

20. Istiak Rayhan

Istiak Rayhan is a founder of RoadToBlogging. Other than this, he owns many other businesses too which are of different niches. He used to introduce people to blogging, as blogging is a leading online platform to generate a primary source of income. He is fond of interacting with people, the success story of Istiak Rayhan begans in 2012.

About RoadToBlogging:- If you’re a beginner then I just need to say visit this blog where you’ll be guided in a proper way. The reviews of the hosting and WordPress hosting are written in a good manner, you will also get various offers and deals on hosting plans.


As we’ve seen how the top 20 Bloggers can help you. They are using blogging to share their experiences to motivate the audience. Nowadays people are worried about generating money through blogging but according to these bloggers, one should have patience. We’ve also seen a few little things about their blogs and brand. If you choose any of them as an inspiration then it will be more helpful for you so as to become a successful blogger.

Top 20 Indian Bloggers – Popular Blogs To Follow In 2021 (1)

Ashfaq Ahmad

I Ashfaq Ahmad Founder of BloggeRoundup. A blog that helps you to learn blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing and make money online tips. Join my Facebook Group and stay connected with other pro bloggers.

Top 20 Indian Bloggers – Popular Blogs To Follow In 2021 (2)

Top 20 Indian Bloggers – Popular Blogs To Follow In 2021 (2024)
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