The 5 Most Expensive T-Shirts Money Can Buy (2024)

Money can’t buy happiness, or love. But it can land you a t-shirt. And some pretty pricey ones, at that. Some of the most sought-after t-shirts on the market today will run you thousands of your hard-earned dollars. You might think you’re breaking the bank when you purchase a band tee from the concert you just went to, but it’s nothing in comparison to the ones we’re about to show you.

What does it take to make a tee an ultra-expensive piece of your wardrobe? It’s a combination of the materials that go into it, the name stitched onto its tag, the demand from the public, and what limits are put on the manufactured quantity. When you discover the magic recipe of all those factors, designers find themselves with an insanely high profit margin.

Take a look at some of the most expensive shirts you can set your sights on. Just don’t plan on wearing them–ever. Rips and stains won’t get you a refund.

Rick Owens Performa Tee — 15

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You might know Rick Owens as the guy who Nike claims ripped off their sneakers. To the fashion world, however, Owens is one of the most forward-thinking designers working today. Known for his intense sense of independence, fans of his work love collecting his pieces, from shoes, to jackets, cargo pants, and shorts.

Those devotees are probably what gives him the ability to charge 15 for what is essentially a sort-of slouchy t-shirt. I can’t find a description on the site to justify the pricetag, so I suppose you’ll have to assume the piece speaks for itself.

Philipp Plein Scarface T-Shirt– 00

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Philip Plein is self-described as “not a designer,” “not a fashion person” and, crucially, “not rich.” Depending on your mood, that last sentiment will either make you laugh or make you furious, considering his net worth is in the hundreds of millions.

While people don’t really know where he got all that scratch from, one culprit could be selling shirts like this Scarface-themed one, replete with Al Pacino’s uuhh, scarred face (idk I didn’t see it) on the front. I imagine this price represents the resale value, but I can’t be sure. Even then, what must this have originally gone for to justify such a markup?

Also– whisper it– this shirt kinda looks like something you’d find at a hypothetical “Scarface: The Roller Coaster” gift shop, no? Less ‘high fashion’ and more ‘boardwalk souvenir,’ I think. But still, it makes our list of expensive shirts.

Gucci Sequined T-shirt — 96

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This wouldn’t be a list of stupidly expensive shirts without including Gucci. Besides looking like something you’d find in the kids’ section of a department store, this 100% cotton t-shirt is otherwise only remarkable for its price.

Diamond Studded Shirt – 00,000

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If diamonds are forever, and t-shirts less so, what does that make this albatross?

That’s right. This shirt, which probably looks like a bang-average monochromatic screen printed tee on your computer monitor, is actually made with diamonds.

Sixteen of them, in fact. Weighing a total of nine (count ‘em, 9) carats. So it’s no wonder that ownership of this shirt will run you about 100,000.

Apparently, this shirt is made through a process designed to cut emissions by 90%. I have so many more questions, though. How do you wash it? Can you wear it to a fancy event? And does anyone say “hey, those are diamonds on your shirt” when you wear it? Is it worth adding to your expensive shirts collection?

Tom Ford Long Sleeve Solid T-Shirt– ,690

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If you’re looking to splash the cash in a more way, Tom Ford might have what you’re looking for. The designer, who is known for his Italian-made, very expensive pieces, has provided his take on the long-sleeve t-shirt.

And what a t-shirt it is. Made of cashmere, it’s likely a good bit more luxurious feeling than your average t-shirt. Is it 600 worth of comfort? That’s for you to decide.

The 5 Most Expensive T-Shirts Money Can Buy (2024)
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