The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (2023)

Easy pregnancies, difficult pregnancies, wanted and unwanted pregnancies, pregnancies at inconvenient times, and surprise birth results are just some ways that each pregnant person’s experience varies from others. Pregnancy mods for the Sims 4 give players a host of customization options to tailor the pregnancy experience, and we’ve gathered up some of the best.

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (1)

The Best Pregnancy Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Regardless if you’re looking for a mod to completely change your gameplay or just to take some cute maternity photos, you’ll find it here!

1. Sims 4 realistic pregnancy symptoms mod by WICKED PIXXEL

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (2)

Realistic pregnancy is now possible in the Sims 4 thanks to this mod by WICKED PIXXEL. It’ll give your Sim the “Pregnancy Symptoms” trait. With this mod, your pregnant Sim will undergo random symptoms every couple of hours.Some of those symptoms will weaken your Sim to the point of not being able to do anything else (fun stuff!).

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (3)

Your pregnant Sims can also cry their hearts out to those who lend them an ear. There’s literally so many to unpack here. Learn more about this mod and download it from this Patreon page.

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (4)

2. Risky Woohoo & Try For Baby Chances by PolarBearSims

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (5)

If you’ve ever thought that the whole pregnancy process of The Sims 4 is a bit unrealistic, here is a mod that will fix that! Instead of only being able to create a baby with the Try for Baby interaction, now you can do with it while woohooing too.


In fact, the mod adds a brand new interaction to the game, called Risky WooHoo. As its name suggests, when you do Risky WooHoo, your Sims have a chance to get pregnant. Of course, this isn’t a 100% guarantee that it will happen with every Risky WooHoo. But it’s definitely a realistic possibility.

Other than that, this mod has tons of pregnancy-related options that work fantastically in the game. Lots of interesting features and lots of fun!

3. MC Woohoo (part of MC Command Center) by Deaderpool

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (6)

When people talk about a teen pregnancy mod for Sims 4, they’re usually referring to the MC Command Center. MCCC is one of the greatest extensions for the game that we have. It’s a collection of mods and cheats that significantly improve the quality of your day-to-day Sims 4 gameplay.

Teen pregnancy as a part of MC Command Center is a big and extensive feature with tons of options and modifiers. If you’ve never used it before, I’d suggest you check our guide post on the Teen Pregnancy Mod here first. It will tell you what you can expect from using this teen pregnancy mod and the whole of MCCC.

You will need the specific MC Woohoo add-on in order for your teens to become pregnant. The pregnancy works in the exact same way as for adult Sims. First, you can use the Try for Baby interactions. But if that doesn’t work, you can increase the chances of fertility for your teen sim. All in all, it’s a pretty neat and useful mod!

4. sims 4 Ultrasound Scan Mod by LittleMsSam

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (7)

Here we have one of the best teen pregnancy mods for Sims 4 on the entire internet! As its name suggests, the Ultrasound Scan mod allows your pregnant Sims to get an ultrasound check.

This works by visiting a gynecologist and performing a scan. The doctor will then hand you photos of your baby (multiple photos are included) where you can view what’s inside the pregnant Sim’s belly. In the end, you can take these photos home and hang them on your walls as home decor items.

All in all, the ultrasound scan mod is a great way to have some fun with your pregnant Sim. And you should definitely try it out!

5. Baby Shower Event by KiaraSims4Mods

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (8)
(Video) 10 Must Have Mods for The Sims 4 2022 + LINKS

A pregnancy, when wanted, is a significant and meaningful time in the life of the pregnant person and their family. The internet is full of videos of people reacting to the happy news of a new pregnancy, and sometimes folks are so overcome with emotion that they want to scream from the rooftops!

So why don’t sims get to celebrate and share their excitement the same way? With this mod, your sims can throw a party celebrating the incoming baby(ies) and share their joy with those they love. Learn about the event details and download the mod here!

6. Mood Buffs by Zafisims

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (9)

The whole point of all these pregnancy mods is to make the game feel more real. And Zafisims does that in an amazing way – by giving our pregnant Sims more negative moods. Now, your pregnant Sims will also experience stress, sadness, discomfort, and many similar feelings.

This is often how pregnant moms really feel, so it’s good the replicate the same thing in-game. Aside from the moods, this mod doesn’t add too many new things to the table. However, the moods work fantastically well and in a realistic way.

This mod is a fantastic tool to have installed, and you can read more about how these moods work and change here.

7. Cherished Moments – Pregnancy by YourFalseHope

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (10)

A pregnancy mod that adds more meaningful moods, buffs, and interactions for pregnant sims, covering everything from being happily pregnant and feeling the baby kick to miscarriage and postpartum support. There are a number of beautiful and poignant facets to this mod, and you should really check out their Patreon page to learn all about it.

There are also Cherished Moments mods available for Parenthood and Toddlers as well as several other useful mods linked on the download page as well, which are all designed to work together seamlessly.

8. Pregnancy Time by Havem

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (11)

While most of the larger pregnancy overhaul-type mods will give you the ability to change the duration of a pregnancy, for players who don’t want to deal with too many options or changes to their game, a mod like this is useful. All it does it change the duration of the pregnancy, no more and no less. Options range from 1 day to a whopping 147 days for those playing with aging off or who just really, really like their sims being pregnant. You can see all the duration options and download the mod here.

9. Pregnancy Overhaul by LittleMsSam

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (12)

This is a collection of modifications for pregnant sims that will be incredibly useful, especially for pregnant sims who live alone. The first part of the mod changes the size of your sim’s belly and comes in several options, including one even larger than the default! There’s an option to disable the Walkstyle associated with pregnancy (which makes extra sense if using one of the smaller belly options). And the best part of the mod unlocks more interactions for 1st and 2nd trimester Sims because just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’re incapable of doing things like yoga or bowling! Learn more about the mod and other optional add-ons here.

(Video) INSTANT Sims 4 Fill Needs Cheat Code ↗️ Fillmotive Cheat | 2023

10. Pregnancy Mega mod by java7nerd & scumbumbo

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (13)

This team-effort project combines features of several outdated mods into one new package with even more features than the originals had! It includes the Scan and Reseed mod, the Pregnancy Terminator mod, and also allows players to immediately set the stage of pregnancy including jumping ahead to labor for those preggos on the go!

The mod is actually part of MCCC now, but visit their website to get all the information.

11. Sims 4 Pregnant Aging & Death+ by PolarBearSims

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (14)

In gaming, pregnant characters are often made immortal and in the Sims 4, it goes so far as to have them defy aging as well. While it would be absolutely lovely if every pregnant person was protected from father time and the grim reaper, that’s now how it works in the real world, unfortunately. With this mod, your pregnant sims will continue to age up like they normally would and they are also susceptible to the various deaths possible for non-pregnant sims. There are also optional add-ons for toddler & children death too, if you really want to go gritty. Learn more and download here.

12. Child Birth Mod by PandaSama

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (15)

This mod adds a host of options for ways your sims can give birth, including completely new ways! The most recent update focuses on home birth, and will make the birthing experience much more involved. The laboring sim will experience contractions that can be relieved with certain activities and exercises, they can choose a “birth partner” for support and assistance during the process, and they can give birth in bed or have a water birth thanks to a new birthing pool object. Your sims even have the option of being assisted by a midwife during the process! The animations are well done and feel realistic. You can see them for yourself and download the mod here!

13. Quadruplets / Quintuplets / Sextuplets by pekesims (Updated by claudiasharon)

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (16)

In Sims 4, it’s impossible to have more than two babies (twins) with a single pregnancy. But as things work in the real world, some mothers give births to triplets and even quadruplets and quintuplets. Well, this mod does exactly that for us! It allows our Sims to have quadruplets and quintuplets when they’re pregnant! In fact, this mod lets your Sim carry up to six babies in their belly and give them birth all at once. The extension has tons of options that help your gameplay with a pregnant Sim.

(Video) HOW TO GET TEEN PREGNANCY | The Sims 4 Mods

The mod is no longer being maintained by Pekesims but an updated version has been posted to the comments by modder claudiasharon which can be found here.

14. sims 4 Stretch Marks

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (17)

Finally, we have stretch marks! There’s no point in hiding them – every person should be proud to have belly stretch marks from pregnancy. It’s a sign of her dedication to creating and bringing a new life to the world!

This particular Sims 4 CC gives us the option to have stretch marks in the game. The stretch marks here look fantastic and they have a realistic design. There are tons of different options you can do with them though.

For example, you can only put stretch marks on your Sim’s belly or thighs. But, you can also use stretch marks all over the body, depending on your Sim. These are super realistic modifications and I personally love them.

If you want to know more about how these stretch marks work in-game as well as where to find them, visit the page here.

15. Pregnancy Poses by Katverse

The 15 Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2023 — SNOOTYSIMS (18)

Katverse makes some wonderful poses and we have featured her work in the past. It’s no surprise that she has several fantastic pose packs for pregnant sims! Whether you’re looking for sweet couple poses, cute individual poses, or poses that show the less-magical side of pregnancy, she’s got a pose set for you.

Poses are definitely a fun thing to do in Sims 4. You can download tons of them and photograph your Sim in any way you want. This is especially cool while your Sim is pregnant, so try it out by visiting her pose collection here!

Final Thoughts

The modding community for the Sims 4 is so great because you have a host of options for practically any mod you can think of! With this collection of curated pregnancy mods you can make tiny or monumental changes to the way it’s experienced in your own game, whether you’re telling stories with photos and machinima or just wanting it to feel more realistic in your daily gameplay. If you’ve been unsatisfied with how pregnancy is portrayed in the Sims 4, we hope you can find a mod or two (or three, or more!) on this list to suit your needs. Enjoy and happy simming!

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Can Sims get abortions in Sims 4? ›

To have an abortion in The Sims 4, players must pay an amount of the game's fictional currency (1,000 Simoleons). They cannot perform the procedure beyond the second trimester of the pregnancy. The character will feel guilty “in most circumstances”, notes Axios.

How do I cheat my Sims pregnant? ›

First, type "sims. get_sim_id_by_name (enter Sim name here)" and take note of the string of numbers that displays. Next, type: "pregnancy. force_offspring_count (Sim ID here) (# of babies)" to force your Sim to be pregnant with multiple babies.

Is there a mod for Sims 4 pregnancy? ›

In fact, the mod adds a brand new interaction to the game, called Risky WooHoo. As its name suggests, when you do Risky WooHoo, your Sims have a chance to get pregnant. Of course, this isn't a 100% guarantee that it will happen with every Risky WooHoo. But it's definitely a realistic possibility.

Can pregnant Sims miscarry? ›

The makers of the long-running video game series The Sims don't allow pregnant characters to have abortions. But unofficial add-ons that give players that option are popular, their creators tell Axios.

Can Sims be pregnant with twins? ›

There is a small chance that any pregnancy in The Sims 4 will end up with twins; the odds of having twins is about 10% while the odds for triplets is about 1%. But just like players can influence the chances of having a boy or a girl baby, they can also up the chances of multiple births too.

Can Sims get sent to jail? ›

Jail. In The Sims, Sims in the top levels of the Criminal career track could randomly receive a career chance card, the potential negative outcome of which would result in them being sent to jail (off-screen) for a period of game time.

Can Sims get drunk? ›

Sims can get dazed (which is the equivalent to drunk) by too much drinks and coffee.

Can Sims go through puberty? ›

Puberty and body changes in The Sims 4 High School Years explained. Puberty, we've all been through it and now with High School Years, our Sims are going to go through it too.

How to make a baby boy? ›

Sexual positions

Deep penetration, for example doggy style, means the male sperm that can swim faster start their race closer to the cervix and are more likely to reach the egg first, resulting in a boy. To try and conceive a girl, Shettles suggested avoiding deep penetration, favouring the missionary position.

How to have a girl baby? ›

Top tips for conceiving a girl
  1. have sex 2.5-4 days before you ovulate.
  2. keep an ovulation chart so you know when you are ovulating.
  3. have sex every day from the day when you finish your period.
  4. avoid having sex which involves deep penetration – missionary position is best.

Can you WooHoo a pregnant Sim? ›

A Sim cannot WooHoo while pregnant.

What trimester do Sims give birth? ›

Your sim has a moodlet with a pacifier icon during pregnancy which will tell you which trimester your sim is in. Once in the 3rd trimester they will go into labour about 5 hours (minutes) after. In labour it will take 3 hours (minutes) for the baby to be born.

Are there condoms in Sims 4? ›

➡️ You can purchase condoms and birth control pills via any computer under the 'Wonderful' category or via the Build/Buy mode. It's worth noting, that the impregnating Sims, which are usually males, have an equal role in conceiving a child, and their fertility level matters as well.

Can you use condoms in Sims 4? ›

A Sim who can impregnate other Sims can use condoms, which will be used autonomously during vaginal sex unless otherwise specified in settings.

At what age can sims get pregnant? ›

Sims have seven stages of life, from Babies to the Elderly. In the official version of the game, only Young Adults (who are implied to be in their early 20s) and Adults can get pregnant.

Can sims have three ways? ›

There is no polygamy nor polyamory any further than that in TS3. Sims can only have one partner at a time as there is only one data field to hold that piece of information about them, and "partner" is defined as Steady BF/GF or higher. One exception to the above is for sims who travel to other worlds.

What happens if a Sim becomes an elder while pregnant? ›

If a pregnant Sim becomes an elder, the baby will be lost. Normally, a Sim who is close enough to elder-hood for that to happen cannot become pregnant. However, negative effects of drinking the Elixir of Life can age a pregnant Sim to the point where it becomes possible, or even move the Sim into the elder life stage.

How many Sims can be pregnant at once? ›

Q – How many pregnant Sims can I have at one time? A – You can have one Pregnant Sim in the Pregnancy Event at a time - however you can have an unlimited number of Pregnant Sims up to your Sim count level.

How many babies can a Sim have in one pregnancy? ›

This is a multi-step process, but players can input any number of babies they want their Sim to have at one time, up to seven. However, as a Sim's household is capped at eight, they may only be able to have as many as six babies total until one grows up and moves out of the home.

Do Sims have to be dating to have a baby? ›

In order for your Sims to be able to WooHoo, they'll need a romantic relationship of at least 40% to 50%. If their relationship is higher than that, they're less likely to get rejected. Direct your Sim to Try For Baby.

Can your Sims get kidnapped? ›

When a sim gets kidnapped from the "Life Tragedies" mod, the kidnappers will text your family to ask for a ransom, if you reply to the texts you'll end up paying for your sim to come back. 7:36 PM · 1 дек. 2019 г.

Can a Sim be murdered? ›

The most common deaths in The Sims 4 are the ones related to real-life daily activities, like getting burned alive by a cheap stove or being electrocuted too many times. Meanwhile, uncommon deaths are extremely unexpected. For example, a Sim could be killed by a wild rabbit or crushed under a vending machine.

Can Child Sims get taken away? ›

As The Sims Wiki explains, this social worker will “will take away a baby, toddler, child, or pet if their needs drop too low, or in later games, if there are no more older Sims remaining in the household (i.e. due to death).

Is The Sims OK for a 12 year old? ›

What is the age rating? The Sims 4 has a PEGI rating of 12.

Can Sims WooHoo in the shower? ›

But, with the release of The Sims 4: Discover University, they were given another feature. Now, showers are also a location where Sims can WooHoo.

At what age can Sims WooHoo? ›

Love is love, and so The Sims 4 places no gender restrictions on who can WooHoo with who. There are, however, some age requirements, as only Sims who are Young Adults or older can WooHoo, although they're free to seek partners outside of their own age group as long as everyone involved is a consenting grown-up.

Is Sims 4 inappropriate for 9 year olds? ›

for mature kids!

if your child is not mature, maybe wait until they are 11 or 12. There is sex, there is swearing in the parenthood pack, but since sims speak gibberish, you cannot hear it.

Can Sims fail high school? ›

SimGuruGeorge and SimGuruJessica revealed that while the social side of high school is more of a focus than class in this expansion, it is still important to go to class and do your work. If you don't, you could actually fail high school and won't get to graduate with your peers!

How do you sleep with a baby boy? ›

Put your baby in bed when they are drowsy, but awake. Remember to put them to sleep on their back in their crib, or on a firm, flat surface. Keep soft items like pillows and stuffed animals out of the crib.

How to conceive baby boy 100? ›

Top tips for conceiving a boy
  1. Time sex to coincide with the day of ovulation (no earlier than 24 hours before you are about to ovulate).
  2. Deep penetrative sex is preferable.
  3. It helps if the woman orgasms.
  4. Have an energy drink, a cup of coffee or some chocolate before having sex.

What are the chances of having a girl? ›

The ratio of male to female births, called the sex ratio, is about 105 to 100, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

What causes a baby to be a girl? ›

A baby's genetic sex is established at conception, based on the sex chromosomes. The mother's egg contains an X chromosome, and the father's sperm contains either an X or a Y chromosome. A baby who inherits the X chromosome from the father is a genetic female (two X chromosomes).

Is sperm good for the baby during pregnancy? ›

Not only is sperm safe, but there may be some benefits to having sex and contact with sperm before and during pregnancy: Sperm and vaginal sex can help induce labor when the time comes. Oxytocin, one of the key hormones involved in progressing labor, is released during sex, and orgasms mimic contractions.

Can Sims woohoo with family members? ›

Edit: Ty to Daedrical, I found the answer, "you can not romantic interact with family members". At least for siblings and parent-child.

What is The Sims 4 cheat to induce labor? ›

On your keyboard press CTRL + Shift + C at the same time while actually playing the sims 4 base game only and that should bring up the command box. Next type in sims. add_buff pregnancy_inlabor to make your sims go into labor.

How long is a Sims 4 pregnancy in real time? ›

Pregnancies last 75 Sim hours in The Sims 2 and 72 Sim hours in The Sims 3 though it's common to refer to pregnancies as lasting 3 days in both games. In The Sims 4, pregnancies can last up to 3 days. In The Sims FreePlay, pregnancies last approximately 216 hours (9 days).

How do you change the chance of getting pregnant in Sims 4 Wicked whims? ›

This can be set in the Sex Settings menu under the Pregnancy Settings menu. With Realistic Mode set in the Sex Settings under the Pregnancy Settings menu, Condoms have a base 5% chance to fail, while Birth Control Pills have a 9% chance to fail.

Can Sims have twins naturally? ›

Yes! When a Sim becomes pregnant, there is a chance they will birth twins or even triplets! In prior games, there were specific items or foods the Sims could consume or eat to influence this. Items no longer help with this in The Sims 4, but certain Traits or Lot Traits can help.

How to have babies? ›

The highest pregnancy rates occur in couples who have sex every day or every other day. Have sex near the time of ovulation. If having sex every day isn't possible — or enjoyable — have sex every 2 to 3 days a week starting soon after the end of your period.

How do I speed up labor? ›

I recommend that you first get your doctor's permission before trying any of these methods as a way to induce labor.
  1. Exercise. ...
  2. Spicy foods. ...
  3. Sexual intercourse. ...
  4. Acupuncture and acupressure. ...
  5. Nipple stimulation to induce labor – discouraged. ...
  6. Castor oil to induce labor – highly discouraged and potentially dangerous.

Can a pregnant Sim WooHoo? ›

A Sim cannot WooHoo while pregnant.

How to have a baby boy? ›

Effective sexual positions

Male sperm are less tough than female sperm, which is why it is best to consider having “doggie style” sex or any position that involves deep penetration. This means that sperm will be deposited closer to the cervix, giving the more aggressive and quicker moving male sperm a head start.

What age can a Sim get pregnant? ›

Sims have seven stages of life, from Babies to the Elderly. In the official version of the game, only Young Adults (who are implied to be in their early 20s) and Adults can get pregnant.

Is there a way to guarantee twins in Sims 4? ›

Every time a Sims character gets pregnant, there's a chance they will have twins or even triplets. The odds of having twins are 10%, whilst the odds of having twins are as low as 1%. Unfortunately, if you only own the standard game, and don't want to enable cheats, there is no way of guaranteeing twins.

What is the cheat to choose the gender of your baby on Sims 4? ›

Hold down Shift and click on the baby Sim (use X and Circle on console) to open up Create-A-Sim mode. From this menu, players can change the baby's name and gender.


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