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“Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher” depicts the life of the early 19th-century bare-knuckle prize winner and the Champion of England. The film establishes how modern-day boxing was born and how Jem Belcher was a pioneer of it. The glove boxing that we know of is predicted to be first used by Belcher, or at least that is what the film claims. Belcher was born to be a fighter; from childhood, he watched his grandfather, Jack Slack, a well-known bare-knuckle champion, fight. Even though his grandfather had his flaws, Jem admired him for his talent. He learned from Jack the importance of being quick and using both hands during a fight. Jem’s mother never wanted her son to walk in the footsteps of his grandfather, and so Jem grew up to be a blacksmith though he always had the fight in him.

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‘Prizefighter: The Life Of Jem Belcher’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Jem was close to his grandfather, even though his mother disapproved of their bond. She believed he was a bad influence on Jem. Jack Slack was infamous for spending all the money he earned on merrymaking. He even took the little that his daughter had to fulfill his needs. But the one lesson that Jem learned from Jack was that he had to decide the kind of man he wanted to be in his life because after a man dies, people only remember the name of the man and not his unhealthy habits. Jem Belcher was known for the blue and white scarf that he wore, and the film shows that it was Jack Slack who had given it to him when he was a boy. Even though his grandfather was a drunkard, he was remembered for his brilliance in the sport.

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Jem worked as a blacksmith, but when he saw the money he could make by boxing, he agreed to play a round with Bob “Blackbeard” Britton. While Blackbeard was considered undefeatable, the skinny Bristol fellow was able to knock the man out. Bill Warr watched him fight that day, and he knew that the boy was a raw talent. Bill Warr was a veteran boxer, and he offered to train Jem, knowing his potential. Jem was not confident in himself. He felt that he had gotten lucky with Blackbeard, but Bill knew that it required more than luck to fight the way he did. Bill believed that with proper training, Jem would be able to fight cleverly. Even his grandfather, before he died, advised him to train under Bill. Jem started to train, and Bill taught him the art of boxing, which required the coordination of the mind and the body. Jem followed a disciplined lifestyle, and he gained a reputation for being a prominent boxer at the time. He received an invitation to fight for the Boxing Championship of England against Andrew Gamble, the Irish champion. Jem announced that he was ready to fight for the championship. The announcement of the match was published in the newspaper, and Jem enjoyed his newfound popularity. While his brother and sister were thrilled about his boxing journey, Mary, his mother, did not feel the same way. She believed that he would end up just like his grandfather. She added that only those who bet on the game were the winners, whereas the fighters were always on the losing side no matter what. But Jem disagreed with his mother’s belief, and he wanted to fight no matter what. He arrived in London and was quite charmed by the city.

Men and women gathered around the boxing ring to watch the two men fight to win the Champion of England title. The presence of the royalty indicated how boxing had garnered a reputation for itself to the point where it was no longer considered a sport for the working class. Within five rounds, Jem was able to defeat the Irish champion, and he was declared the Champion of England. That was how Jem Belcher gained popularity in the London elite circle. The richness swayed him from his path, though in the end, he found his way back to be remembered as the greatest of all champions.

What Led To Jem Belcher’s Loss Of Sight?

Belcher was introduced to Lord Rushworth at the Ashford Estate after winning the title. He was known for betting on boxing matches, and he did lose quite a bit of money due to Jem’s win. Rushworth wanted to familiarize himself with Belcher, knowing that the talent that he possessed would help him make money. Belcher was warned about how Rushworth considered players nothing more than a money-making apparatus, though Rushworth defeated that claim by stating how he simply always wanted to be on the side of the winner. Lord Ashford and Lord Rushworth differed in the way they viewed pugilism. For Ashford, it was an art that deserved a proper revival, whereas for Rushworth, making money out of the sport was of prior importance. Rushworth wanted to fix matches for Belcher for his profit, though Bill was not quite fond of the idea. Jem couldn’t care less since he was distracted by the beauty that the London elite circle possessed.

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He fought matches arranged by Lord Rushworth and drowned himself in alcohol and women. He was living the life that Mary had always feared that he would. Even though he was earning enough money to provide for his family, he was losing himself in the process. The disciplined lifestyle that Bill had introduced to him was far from the life Jem was living during the time. He knew that he was the best boxer in all of England, and he would often turn up late for training as a result of his overconfidence. The Lords discussed the technicalities of the sport that would be eventually introduced as they gambled together in a game of cards. Belcher won the round, and Rushworth lost his bet; his adviser prompted him to restrict from betting, considering his constant financial loss, but Rushworth refused to be embarrassed.

When Lord Rushworth conducted a secret party, he introduced Jem Belcher to Henry Pearce, a rising boxing star. It was at that party that Rushworth challenged Jem to a battle of handball. He asked his guests to place their bets on the players. During the game, the ball thrown by Lord Rushworth hit Jem’s eye, injuring it for the rest of his life. Even though he barely had a vision in one eye, Jem refused to accept that his days as a boxer were over. Due to his injury, he could not box for three weeks, and that started to bother Rushworth since his income depended on Jem. According to Rushworth, the people of London were no longer interested in watching Jem fight. His story from struggle to success had sold the tickets, but now he feared that the people needed a new champion to celebrate. Knowing how he was falling from his status, Jem drank away his sorrow. Later, he fought with two red-coat guards, which landed him in prison. The condition of his eye had worsened, though his time spent in prison was enlightening because he met a man named Walter there. Walter helped Jem overcome the sadness he experienced. He always told Jem that there was light after darkness. He advised Jem to live a disciplined life to get over the self-hatred that consumed him. When it was time for Jem to leave prison, he noticed that Walter was no longer present in his cell. He was informed that the old man had passed away. He now returned home to Bristol to live with his family, and he dedicated his life to training and becoming the champion that he always was.

‘Prizefighter’ Ending Explained: Why Was The Match Between Jem Belcher And Henry Pearce A Memorable One?

Jem Belcher trained day and night to fight for the title, the Champion of England, which now belonged to Henry Pearce. Even though Jem had injured an eye, Bill Warr taught him to overcome his limitations and retain his position. It was announced in the newspapers that Jem Belcher was making a return with his wounded eye to challenge Henry the Game Chicken Pearce to fight for the title of England. It was declared “the fight of the century.” The film indicates that it was the first fight where the boxers wore gloves during the match. It was set to create a new wave of scientific and intelligent pugilism. Lord Rushworth now managed Henry Pearce, but he paid a visit to Jem to wish him luck for the challenge and also warned him to take special care of his eye, indicating that they would leave no stone unturned to win the challenge.

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The umpire introduced the players to the rules of the sport, and the match began with Pearce dominating the ring. Though Jem did not give up, he fought like a champion, even when he was constantly punched in the face. Jem eventually got his grip in the ring and managed to knock off Pearce for a few seconds. Pearce was a fierce competitor. He got up from the ground and was ready to push harder. He punched Jem in the injured eye, and Bill had to fix the mess during a time-out. Even after twelve rounds, both the boxers refused to give up. The ring was splattered with blood, and Jem’s other eye was injured as well. He asked Bill to open the eye somehow, but Bill knew that Jem barely had any vision at the time. Nonetheless, he saw the fight in Jem and helped him open his eyes to fight one last time. Jem noticed that his mother was also present in the crowd, and that helped him gather confidence. While Jem struggled, Bill noticed that Lord Rushworth was choosing an unfair means to win the match even though Henry refused to opt for a shortcut. Rushworth was scared of losing his money, and for that, he was ready to do whatever it took. Bill was enraged, and he punched Rushworth in the face and asked Pearce to fight fair. The final round in the belt, round 18, was the ultimate fight where Jem fought as hard as he could with the little that was visible to him. But Pearce managed to overpower him and knock him out for over ten seconds. He was declared the Retaining Champion of England.

Even after getting battered to the ground, Jem rose to the surprise of the audience. Everyone outside the ring cheered for him. Even though he had lost, he had earned the respect of the people. He was still a champion in their eyes. While Pearce did win the title, he, too, had immense respect for Jem. He gave Jem a hand and helped him to stand up. The solidarity shown between the players right after fighting a bloody match represented the essence of the sport. Even though they were opponents in the ring, they admired one another for their talent. Their love for boxing was what united them, and the fact that Jem was a master of it was undeniable. Jem was able to accomplish what his grandfather had told him, he managed to earn enough respect for people to remember his name. “Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher,” in the end, states that Jem Belcher continues to be the youngest champion ever. He died at the age of 30 as a result of his challenging lifestyle. While it was interesting to learn about Jem Belcher’s life and the history of boxing, the film in itself was average and not quite striking in its making.

“Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher” is a 2022 Biopic Drama film directed by Daniel Graham.

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Who won Jem Belcher or Henry Pearce? ›

Pearce laid full claim to the title in his next fight, when he battled Jem Belcher. Although blind in one eye from an accident, Belcher agreed to the challenge. The slugging Pearce outfought Belcher for eighteen rounds to win the undisputed championship. Pearce never fought again.

How old was Jem Belcher when he died? ›

Is prizefighter the life of Jem Belcher a true story? ›

The film is based on the true life of Jem Belcher from when he grows up watching his revered grandfather Jack Slack fight as a bare-knuckle pugilist. Jem is constantly warned by his mother Mary Belcher against following his grandfather's life as Prizefighter.

Did Jem Belcher fight with gloves? ›

Hookings' feature suggests that Belcher was the first star boxer, a pioneer of the modern sport – and speculates he was even one of the first to use gloves.

How old was Jem Belcher when he was champion of England? ›

Fast, clever, boastful and powerful, James “Jem” Belcher became Champion of all of England at the age of just 19, and he administered severe beatings in fights against far more experienced foes such as Jack Bartholomew (in their return fight), Andrew Gamble (the portrayal of the fight in the film being way off the mark ...

What is a Belcher handkerchief? ›

1 : a blue neckerchief having large white spots with dark blue spots at their centers. 2 : a multicolored handkerchief worn about the neck.

Who did Jem Belcher fight? ›

'Prizefighter' Ending Explained: Why Was The Match Between Jem Belcher And Henry Pearce A Memorable One? Jem Belcher trained day and night to fight for the title, the Champion of England, which now belonged to Henry Pearce.

Who was the best bare-knuckle fighter? ›

List of United States Heavyweight Bare-knuckle Boxing Champions
  • Tom Molineaux 1810-1815.
  • Tom Hyer 1841-1851.
  • John Morrissey 1853-1859.
  • John Camel Heenan 1860-1863.
  • Joe Coburn 1863-1865.
  • Jimmy Elliott 1865-1870.
  • Mike McCoole 1870.
  • Tom Allen (boxer) 1870.

Who invented boxing? ›

On 6 January 1681, the first recorded boxing match took place in Britain when Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke of Albemarle (and later Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica), engineered a bout between his butler and his butcher with the latter winning the prize. Early fighting had no written rules.

When did the movie prizefighter come out? ›

What is a prizefighter? ›

Definition of prizefighter

: a professional boxer who competes in matches for money prizes Grandpa James himself was a prizefighter in Tampa before moving to Key West during the Depression … .

How many rounds are there in boxing? ›

Length of bouts

Professional bouts are limited to a maximum of twelve rounds, where each round last 3 minutes for men, 2 minutes for women.

Who is prizefighter based on? ›

The real-life story of Jem Belcher, who became, at age 19, the youngest-ever prizefighting Champion of England – a record that's never yet been broken – would make a powerful and gripping movie. Regrettably, this isn't quite it. The film's deficiencies may be at least partly due to its troubled genesis.

Who is the youngest boxing champion ever? ›

Puerto Rican lightweight by way of New York City, Wilfred “El Radar” Benitez is the youngest world champion in boxing history. At just 17 years, five months, and 24 days old, Benitez captured the WBA Super Light Welterweight Championship with a 15-round split decision victory over Antonio Cervantes in 1976.

When did Queensberry rules start? ›

Marquess of Queensberry rules, code of rules that most directly influenced modern boxing. Written by John Graham Chambers, a member of the British Amateur Athletic Club, the rules were first published in 1867 under the sponsorship of John Sholto Douglas, ninth marquess of Queensberry, from whom they take their name.

Where was Jem Belcher filmed? ›

UK film Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher moved from Wales to Lithuania. UK-based Camelot Films has wrapped production on Daniel Graham's Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher in Lithuania after relocating from Wales.

How long were boxing rounds in 1800s? ›

For a period, titles in many US states could not be lost if the match went the distance. For amateur boxing, the Amateur Boxing Association of England set rules for the length of a match when it was formed in 1880. Initially there were three rounds of 3 minutes with a break of 1 minute between them.

Who invented boxing gloves? ›

The modern boxing glove was invented in 1743, the brainchild of Englishman Jack Broughton.

Did Jem Belcher lose an eye? ›

In 1803, Belcher lost sight in one eye when he was struck by the ball in a game of racquets. Half blind, Belcher avoided defending his title for two years, fighting exhibition bouts only. In 1805, Belcher's former protégé, Henry Pearce, made a claim to the championship because of Belcher's inactivity.

Is Belcher a word? ›

Yes, belcher is in the scrabble dictionary.

Who stole the handkerchief? ›

Charley Bates
Charley (centre) and the Dodger steal Mr Brownlow's handkerchief at the bookstall. Illustration by George Cruikshank.
Created byCharles Dickens
In-universe information
1 more row

How old was Jem Belcher when he won? ›

Despite his lack of training, he was a natural fighter and at the age of just 19 had defeated champion boxers to mark himself as one of the most admired prizefighters of the time. Famed for his speed ('You heard his blows, you did not see them'), he was unbeaten until he lost an eye playing at rackets in 1803.

When was the boxing glove invented? ›

The modern boxing glove was invented in 1743, the brainchild of Englishman Jack Broughton.

How many rounds are there in boxing? ›

Length of bouts

Professional bouts are limited to a maximum of twelve rounds, where each round last 3 minutes for men, 2 minutes for women.


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