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German Creamed Spinach is absolutely wonderful! Itisa family favorite at our house for all holidays and special occasions. Even children like this spinach dish.

Cream Spinach is the perfect side dish to go with Classic Prime Ribor a Perfectly Cooked Steak. In Germany, creamed spinach is know as Rahmspinat.

This is one of those recipe where I normally buy a large amount (and I mean large amount) of spinach, and then decide how much Creamed Sauce we will need to make. Be flexible! Once you make this creamed spinach the first time, you will understand why I just do it and do not usually follow a recipe.

I was taught how to make this German recipe by my children’s German grandmother, Gertrude Zemp. Ihavemade this photo tutorial of this recipe especially for my two daughters, Nancy and Brenda.

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German Creamed Spinach Recipe:

Below aretwo versionsof this recipe. One for a small family group of 4 to 6 people and one for a large family group of 10 to 12 people.

Course:Side Dish


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Servings: 6 to 12 servings

Author: What's Cooking America


German Creamed Spinach:

  • Small Family Group of 4 to 6 people:
  • 2 to 3large bunches freshspinachleaves
  • Coarse saltand freshly-ground black pepperto taste
  • 3eggs,hard-cooked (for garnish)*
  • Large Family Group of 10 to 12 people:
  • 2(40-ounce) bags or 5 pounds freshspinachleaves
  • Coarse salt and freshly-ground black pepperto taste
  • 6eggs,hard-cooked (for garnish)*

Cream Sauce:

  • Small family group of 4 to 6 people:
  • 4tablespoonsbutter
  • 4tablespoonsonion,finely chopped
  • 4tablespoons all-purposeflour
  • Coarse saltand freshly ground black pepperto taste
  • 3 to 4cupsmilk**
  • Large family group of 10 to 12 people:
  • 1 1/4cupsbutter
  • 1 to 2largeonions,finely chopped
  • 1 1/4cups all-purposeflour
  • Coarse saltand freshly-ground black pepperto taste
  • 10 to 12cupsmilk**


German Creamed Spinach Instructions:

  1. Wash spinach leaves thoroughly.

  2. I fill my sink with cold water and place the spinach leaves in to soak a few minutes. Punch the spinach leaves down to wet all the leaves.

  3. As you can see, it takes a lot of spinach to feed my family their favorite dish!

  4. Grab handfuls of the wet spinach (not drained) dripping with the water into a large cooking pot. This will provide enough water so that you do not need to add more. Cook spinach just until tender.

  5. As soon as spinach is thoroughly wilted and cooked, remove from heat, and let drain in a colander or strainer, pressing with the back of a kitchen spoon to squeeze out excess liquid. (This step is very important.)

  6. NOTE: From a large pot full to what seems like very little spinach! There will be enough, so do not worry!

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  7. Transfer drained spinach to a cutting board and chop spinach very fine.

    German Creamed Spinach Recipe | What's Cooking America (4)

  8. NOTE:Up to this point, the spinach can be prepared in advanced and stored in the refrigerator, covered, 1 to 2 days.

  9. When ready to serve, prepare Cream Sauce. If spinach bunches are extra large, you probably will need to double the Cream Sauce recipe (I usually need to).

Cream Sauce Instructions:

  1. Making Cream Sauce Ahead of Time:If you are pressed for time (like I am during the holiday season), you can make this cream sauce up to two days before you plan to use it and store it, tightly covered, in the refrigerator. Before storing, press a layer of plastic wrap directly on the top surface of the cream sauce to prevent a skin from forming. If a skin does form, whisk vigorously when you reheat the cream sauceand the sauce should be as smooth as it was when you made it. Thin out if necessary with additional. When ready to use, reheat the cream sauce in a heavy saucepan over low heat, stirring, until not quite simmering.

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  2. In a large frying pan or large pot over medium-low heat, melt butter. Add onions and cook until they are translucent and soft (about 10 to 15 minutes). Sauteing the onions in the butter is the secret to this delicious sauce. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

  3. Add flour to the butter/onion mixture and blend thoroughly. When perfectly blended, smooth, and free from lumps (but not in the least browned), add salt and pepper. Gradually stir in the milk; reduce heat to low and cook, stirring constantly, until sauce boils(may use some spinach juice in place of milk). Remove from heat.

  4. In a medium bowl, mix together the prepared Cream Sauce and the chopped spinach.

  5. Season with salt and pepper and garnish with hard-cooked egg slices. Serve warm.

Recipe Notes

* Check outHow To Boil Eggs.

** Depending on how thick you want the sauce will determine how much milk to use.

Watch this video to learn how to make German Creamed Spinach

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  1. Anni

    This is exactly how my Oma made it its so yummy


    • Nancy

      It’s my Grandma’s recipe so we love it too! It’s good memory food.


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German Creamed Spinach Recipe | What's Cooking America (2024)
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