Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (2024)

The best laptops to get work done on the move, and tilt heads while you’re at it

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  • Last Updated on Feb 21, 2024

Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (3)

Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (4)

Table of Contents

  • 5 lightweight laptops to buy
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • HP Envy 13
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro
  • Dell XPS 13

The best laptops to get work done on the move, and tilt heads while you’re at it

There are laptops that make you look like you work an exhausting 9-to-5, and there are laptops that scream style. Whether you’re a student or an office goer, work can get heavy sometimes, but your laptop doesn’t need to. This is where small laptop computers come in.

Technological advancements have made these portable machines lighter than ever, without compromising on power. What’s even better? These laptops often emphasise on aesthetics and have a sleek look and feel, making them the perfect companion for a trip to the nearest café, the airport lounge, or pretty much anything in between.

If you’re sick of boxy laptop designs and want to stand out, here the five best mini laptops – powerful thin-and light machines that you want to carry with you wherever you go. Beware! You must first learn to ditch the “I didn’t carry my laptop” excuse.

5 lightweight laptops to buy

1. Apple MacBook Pro

2. HP Envy 13

3. Apple MacBook Air

4. Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro

5. Dell XPS 13

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple doesn’t make a lot of laptops, but for the few models it does produce, power and sleek looks are key elements. This includes the Apple MacBook Pro series, which features the brand’s highest-end chipsets thrown in a super-light and compact form factor. The Apple MacBook Pro variants are available in multiple colour options to define your personality when in public and are powerful enough to run heavy software without breaking a sweat.

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Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (5)

HP Envy 13

The HP Envy 13 series is one of the best laptops to consider if you want a thin-and-light powerful machine that also offers you the flexibility and compatibility of Windows. Apart from matte-finish colours that suits the room no matter where you are, the laptop also features an OLED display for accurate colours and Intel Core i7 chipset for all kinds of use cases, from casual gaming to hardcore coding. The HP Envy can also fit in most backpacks and laptop sleeves, being one of the most compact Windows laptops out there.

Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (6)

Apple MacBook Air

If you’re not looking for the absolute highest specifications out there but want an ultra-compact and elegant lightweight laptop to carry around, Apple’s MacBook Air may just be what you’re looking for. The MacBook Air is even more easy to carry around compared to the MacBook Pro, and still comes with Apple’s M1 or M2 chipsets, packing enough performance to open plenty of browser tabs or complete your coding assignment on a road-trip mall.

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The Apple MacBook Air is also the perfect companion if you already have an iPhone, as Apple’s ecosystem features will let you seamlessly shift work between your two devices. MacOS is also visually pleasing as ever, great for someone looking to stand out of the Windows crowd. And yes, the MacBook Air too can be picked up in 13-inch or 15-inch avatars.

Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (7)

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro

You probably know Samsung makes a lot more tech than just smartphones, but did you know laptops was one of them. The South-Korean company is known for its reliability and emphasis on performance. If you’re looking for a Windows machine that delivers equally on the looks and the performance front, the Galaxy Book3 Pro offers a classy white variant too, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (8)

Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS series comes with a lot of reasons to love it. From the metallic finishes to the aesthetic keyboard, from the crisp display to the large trackpad, this is a 13-inch compact laptop that you cannot go wrong with. At 1.12 kgs, it is also one of the lightest laptops out there, maybe just enough to even forget it’s there in your backpack.

Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (9)

Those are some of the most powerful yet lightweight laptops you can carry around. Need help choosing the right laptop for you? Check out our in-depth laptop buying guide for more help.

Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (10)

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Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (12)

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Best lightweight laptops to buy - Croma Unboxed (2024)
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