Authorities in Human Design - (2023)

Authorities in Human Design - (1)

Your authority in Human Design is your decision making process. It’s your inner compass, your intuition per se. Your strategy and authority work together to help you make decisions and move around in a way that’s most aligned to your energetics.

That means encountering less resistance as you honour your energetic mechanics and those around you.

It’s about moving away from the mind to make decisions and instead connect to your inner compass. Which can be an inner authority or outer authority.

An inner authority is your body’s knowing and wisdom. The Emotional Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen, Ego and Self-Projected falls under this umbrella.

An outer authority means you gain clarity from your environment and having others as soundings boards. Lunar authority also falls under this category since they’re influenced by the transits and cycles of the moon. Fascinating right?!

Emotional authority

With an Emotional authority your Solar Plexus is defined. It’s the center for emotions, feelings and sensitivity.

You’re designed to experience the full spectrum of emotions, you’re always riding an emotional wave.

Clarity comes with time. Waiting is key here. You’re not meant to make big decisions in the moment—specially when you’re in an emotional high or low. Giving yourself the space to feel through the emotional wave will lead you to clarity. You know the saying “sleep on it”? Yeap that actually works for you!

Clarity is when you don’t have a strong emotional charge. You’re never not feeling any emotion. The emotional wave is not something you can control or influence. It’ll last as long as it lasts. You don’t have to find meaning or make sense of it while you’re in the middle of your wave.

You’re simply meant to hold space for your feelings without questioning or demanding answers.

Trust that clarity will come.

Sacral Authority

If you have a Sacral authority you have consistent access to life force energy. This center is the energy hub for pleasure, creativity, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality.

Your Sacral is designed to respond to life. It’s full body wisdom, a primal response. Some have described it as a gut feeling that expands throughout your body when you’re excited about something (yes) and contracts when you’re not (n0). Because this is not an awareness center, your responses are not meant to be rationalized. It’s simply here to signal you on what you do or don’t have energy for. Because once it’s committed it’ll want to go all the way.

When you’re committing to something your sacral gets activated and generates the energy to engage. But it’s important you’re responding to what excites you otherwise you won’t be able to keep that energy up in the long run. After all you can’t make energy out of thin air, in a way excitement is your cue for what you have energy for and the fuel that ignites and sustains it.

Your Sacral authority is pretty direct, yes or no. A good exercise to tune into how the sacral response feels specifically in your body is by asking yourself (or having somebody ask you) close ended questions. The more specific the better. The sacral likes to respond to options. How does the yes feel? How does no feel?

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Splenic Authority

The Spleen is our oldest awareness center. It’s about survival, instinct, intuition and fear. The Splenic authority is about body consciousness and the only authority designed to make decisions in the moment.

(Video) Our Human Design journey, releasing the uncertainty and living our designs

With a defined spleen you have an instinctive voice that’s constantly guiding you and keeping you safe. You know exactly what’s right or wrong for you moment by moment. It can feel like a quiet voice, an inner knowing that can’t be explained to others. You are designed to be deeply present in the now. Notice whenever your mind tries to override your splenic hit.

The Splenic voice has often been described as a quiet one where it doesn’t repeat itself. So if you’re not paying attention (or too caught up in your mind) you might “miss” what the spleen said. But that’s not true. Just because the moment passed, it does not mean your spleen stopped talking to you. It just means it’s focused on whatever else is present at the moment.

Since the spleen is about present moment awareness, it doesn’t have the ability to predict the future. What’s good for you now might not be good for you anymore in the future. Be open to adapting and changing.

Ego Authority

With an ego authority you have the heart center defined. This is the center for willpower, ego, drive, desire and worthiness.

The ego authority is about being connected to what you want and your truth. A lot of us have been conditioned to rationalize or even justify our desires. If you have this center defined there might’ve been some resistance or guilt as you pursued what felt right to you and unable to explain to others.

Ever heard of the saying “The heart wants what it wants”? Well that’s exactly how this energy works. Knowing what you value, what you want and don’t want is this center’s cue of signalling you what you have energy to commit to or not.

Since this is also the center for willpower you have the ability to do anything you commit to. But if you talked yourself into doing something you truly didn’t want to, aka letting your mind make the decision for you, then you won’t be able to sustain it. The energy is simply not there because it wasn’t part of your desire. In your case desire provides the energy exchange. That being said your energy comes in bursts. Just because you have the will and desire doesn’t mean you can be ‘on’ all the time. Letting yourself recharge is a crucial part of your process.

You like to be in control of your resources. From where you work, what you do with your time to how you make and spend money. You are meant to let your core desires guide you, they are the breadcrumbs to your inner alignment.

(Video) New season premiere: Surrendering to my seasons and tuning in to my cycles

Self Projected Authority

If your authority is Self-projected, you’re a projector who has the Throat and Identity G centers defined. The identity G center is the energy hub for direction, love, self and purpose. The Throat is the center for expression, communication & action. Having this as your authority means you’re here to listen to what you have to say. Being able to hear your own voice as you express gives you clarity.

As a projector you’re here to wait for the invitations and when an invitation does arrive you make your decision best by talking it out loud. Either by yourself or to someone you trust. It’s like an energetic untangling that makes space for clarity. Allowing your truth to be expressed without filter is important.

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If you have an outer authority it doesn’t mean you don’t have inner guidance, it simply means that guidance is influenced by where you’re at (environmental) or you gain clarity over time (lunar)

Sounding Board/Environmental Authority

If your authority is environmental, also known as the sounding board technique you’re a Mental Projector. You have a defined mind (along with a defined head or throat or both). It means that you gain clarity by talking things out. This process allows you to release pressure and reflect the energies you’ve amplified back to yourself.

Your environment is important. Because of the openness of your undefined centers (below the throat) being in an environment or around people where you feel comfortable and at ease can make a huge difference.

It might be tempting to use your Mind to make decisions since you have that area defined but remember the Mind is not meant to make decisions. It’s here to support you.

It’s known as an outer authority because it requires you to filter what’s on your Mind outwards. Either having someone hold space for you, being in places and with people you feel seen, recognized and supported will help sort your energies in a more aligned way.

(Video) Brenne Hali on how to communicate with ease, authenticity and confidence

Lunar Authority

If you have a lunar authority then you’re a Reflector. You have no definition, all the centers in your chart are white. Which means you’re constantly taking in, sampling and amplifying energy around you.

You flow through the transiting energies, which takes 28 days to complete a cycle, like the Moon. Throughout this time you get to savour the different energetic definitions and authorities. And through each one of them you gain insight until you reach the end of the lunar cycle and repeat. It’s like wearing a different hat everyday and seeing what comes up.

It could be helpful to keep track of the transits and write down how you feel, what’s coming up for you etc. Giving yourself the time to make a decision will make space for insights and clarity. And of course this is mainly for big life decisions. You don’t have to wait a month to decide what to have for lunch or if you want to go to the movies.

And knowing that sometimes certain decisions require more immediate attention and are out of your control but whenever you can and have the ability to, follow your lunar authority. Being around people and places that feel good is specially important for you since you’re amplifying everything you come into contact with.

Which authority are you? Do you resonate with it? What does it feel like for you?

Remember Human Design is to be experimented with. Play around let yourself be in the process!

(Video) What Is Human Design With Jessica Locke

I’m a splenic projector 🙋🏻‍♀️ have always made decisions quick yet often felt frustrated to have to explain or justify to others. So much that I would override my intuition in the process 🙈 But the more I learn to trust in the energetic pull of my spleen the more aligned I’ve felt physically and energetically.

Do you resonate with your authority?


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