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The best inventory management software may have a free pricing plan. Whether this software is used separately or with a point-of-sale (POS) system, its features are largely designed to make tracking products, tools, and assets an easy task.

This article will discuss the best free inventory software available in the market with advanced inventory tools, perfect inventory control, and other inventory-related activities.

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List of Best Free Inventory Management Software

1. Sortly

Best Overall Free Inventory Management Software

7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (1)

Editor's Take

Best for:

Powerful Free Plan Features


$0 to $89

Annual Discount:



14-day free trial for paid plans

Sortly comes with a built-in barcode and QR scanner that works even in offline mode. This software tool allows you to scan incoming and outgoing inventory even when the signal on your phone app is either low or not present. Sortly will automatically sync as soon as you're back online, making it always possible to work irrespective of bad network signals.

Try Sortly

Sortly is an effective cloud-based inventory management platform that offers multi-location tracking, barcoding, activity tracking, and audit trails.

Best Features

  • Functional on Every Device: Sortly works seamlessly on any device. This feature makes work easier and also increases productivity. Sortly functions on all devices, from iPhones and Androids to tablets and traditional PCs.
  • Constant Alerts and Updates Stock Level Prices: This inventory management software eliminates the stress of conducting regular manual audits. You get constant updates when your stock level is running low, the necessary adjustments before you experience irrecoverable loss.
  • User Friendly: Sortly is one of the most user-friendly inventory management solutions available in the market. You do not have to be tech-savvy to operate the software effectively.


  • Built-in barcode scanning (supports QR codes)
  • Highly rated mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • The software works effectively offline, allowing you to scan incoming and outgoing inventory items even without internet access
  • Free plan
  • 14-day free trial


7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (2)

Sortly has various pricing plans perfect for various budgets of specific organizations and certain relevant features for each available plan. Apart from the free plan, there are three other paid pricing plans.

Here are the four levels of Sortly’s pricing plans.

  • The Free Plan is perfect for individuals, startups, and new businesses. This plan has features that accommodate one hundred entries, up to eight photos for each item, a user license, one custom field, a 24/7 help center, and emergency email support.
  • The Advanced Plan offers affordable tools for small businesses that need to manage their inventory and assets. The advanced plan capacity can accommodate 2,000 entries, three user licenses, ten custom fields, and unlimited QR code label generation.
  • The Ultra Plan is perfect for growing business. It is embedded with the capacity to accommodate 10,000 entries, five user licenses, 25 custom fields, priority email support, and unlimited QR code & barcode label generation.
  • The Enterprise Plan is ideal for organizations that require extra security, control, and support. This plan has unlimited custom fields and scheduled phone support.

Try Sortly free plan to get started

2. Zoho Inventory

Scalable Inventory Software for Small Business Owners

7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (3)

Editor's Take

Best for:



$0 to $329

Annual Discount:

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14-day free trial for paid plans

Zoho Inventory is perfect for small businesses. The inventory management software offers free shipment tracking and warehouse management features and lets you print packing slips and generate shipping labels. Its mobile app feature makes it a perfect option for users that work on the go.

Try Zoho Inventory

Zoho's Inventory is an affordable and easy-to-use inventory management software solution used by thousands of companies, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and Australia Post.

Best Features

  • Inventory Tracking: This free inventory tracking software enables users to track all their sales activities, from basic actions like adding contacts from generated leads and prospects to creating sales orders and invoices and managing sales on online marketplaces.
  • CRM: With its built-in CRM functionality feature, you effectively manage customer relationships to ensure that you keep your existing customers and convert potential leads to loyal customers.
  • Integration: Zoho Inventory integrates with third-party tools such as CRM, accounting, and payroll software.
  • iOS and Android Inventory Management App: This free inventory management solution has a useful mobile app feature that allows users to carry out their duties on the go efficiently.
  • Inventory Control: Zoho Inventory features a centralized digital system that constantly updates critical inventory information across all sales channels. This process is automated and happens the moment sales are made.


  • Excellent mobile app
  • eCommerce integrations
  • Shipping management tools
  • Free plan
  • 14-day free trial


7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (4)

Zoho Inventory offers different pricing plans and a free plan tailored to meet various businesses' specific needs.

  • The Free Plan is suitable for individuals and small businesses. This plan accommodates up to 2 users, eCommerce integrations, and Integrate 1 Shopify store. With this plan, you can track shipments and warehouse activities.
  • The Standard Plan is ideal for small businesses. This plan accommodates up to 3 users, 2 warehouses, and 1 Shopify store.
  • The Professional Plan is best for small to mid-sized businesses. This plan handles 7,500 orders per month, integrates 2 Shopify stores, and supports serial number and batch tracking.
  • The Premium Plan is relevant for different businesses and offers the best value for money. Features include a vendor portal, eCommerce integrations, integration of up to 5 stores, and serial number and batch tracking.
  • The Elite Plan is suitable for more advanced users, with the capacity to support up to 15 warehouses and 15 users.
  • The Ultimate Plan is suitable for large organizations.

3. ABC Inventory

Best Inventory Management Software for Manufacturing Firms & Repair Shops

7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (5)

Editor's Take

Best for:

Manufacturing Firms & Repair Shops



Annual Discount:



Forever Free Plan

ABC Inventory is among the best free inventory management systems on our list, with relevant features useful for budget-conscious repair shop owners or manufacturers with simple requirements to carry out their activities. This free inventory software could be more user-friendly; it requires some expertise to code successfully and uses it in a way best suited for you.

Try ABC Inventory

ABC Inventory is open-source inventory management software with various features relevant to manufacturing firms and repair shops for specific inventory activities.

Key Features

  • Barcode Scanning: This free inventory software allows you to scan items' barcodes for easy identification, record keeping, basic inventory tracking, and warehouse management.
  • Export Data to Other Formats: Users seamlessly export acquired data to other platforms for easy understanding and application in different formats such as Microsoft Excel, Word, HTML, and Text:
  • Create Purchase Orders: The purchase order management feature makes it easy to effectively purchase sales orders and ensure that the inventory is properly managed.


  • Repairs, leasing, and asset management
  • Effective for machine assembly orders and parts consumption
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Supports kitting
  • Stock alerts


7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (6)

ABC Inventory software offers a free plan with no limitation on the number of workstations and records in the database. However, this free plan does not provide phone, email, or online support.

To enjoy other premium features, you can upgrade to the premium Almyta Control System software, of which ABC Inventory is a free subset.

4. Boxstorm

Best Integration with QuickBooks Online

7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (7)

Editor's Take

Best for:



$0 to $79 per month

Annual Discount:



14-day free trial

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Boxstorm offers a detailed suite of modules that enables users to take control of every facet of their inventory ecosystem at a particular location. Users enjoy free QuickBooks Online integration and free barcode scanning for easy inventory tracking.

Try Boxstorm

Boxstorm is a free inventory management platform that offers its users a total online inventory and order management system. This free software is relevant to small and medium-sized organizations in various industries such as manufacturing, retail, and e-Commerce platforms.

Key Features

  • Integrations: Boxstorm integrates with the most popular ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Big Commerce, and Stripe. This feature makes the online sales process and purchase orders stress-free. This software tool integrates with QuickBooks Online for a streamlined bookkeeping solution to help users manage inventory effectively.
  • Purchasing: Inventory managers optimize the purchasing process and ensure they always have the right stock with automated minimum stock quantities. You view purchase orders and receive tickets directly from the software's dashboard, which makes it possible to streamline and optimize the purchasing process effectively.
  • Locations: This inventory management software supports multiple warehouses with multiple locations for advanced companies. With Boxstorm warehouse management features, you effectively assign sales and purchase order locations and successfully move items between locations for maximum location control.
  • Mobile App: Boxstorm has a mobile app feature that enables barcode scanning directly from the user's mobile device. This inventory software allows scanning in/out, cycle counting, and transfers are supported, while real-time updates allow you a constant overview of every facet of your inventory.


  • Mobile version is extremely useful
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-user access reduces redundancy, as anyone can check on an item
  • Visually pleasing interface
  • Multiple pricing tiers
  • Helpful customer support


7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (8)

Boxstorm has both a free plan and a paid plan. The paid version has more advanced features than the free Plan.

  • The Free Plan accommodates just one user and location, 25 items, and 100 transactions.
  • The Pro Plan offers you unlimited location, unlimited items, and unlimited transactions, and it can accommodate one user, but with $9, you can add more users.

5. SalesBinder

Best POS System for Small International Businesses

7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (9)

Editor's Take

Best for:

Small Businesses


$0 – $99

Annual Discount:



30-day free trial

SalesBinder offers inventory management services potent enough to accommodate unlimited users and excellent features to aid inventory managers in various locations in their inventory-related activities. Its pricing plans are affordable for great service experiences.

Try SalesBinder

SalesBinder is an efficient inventory management software that manages over $140 billion worth of inventory in over 130 countries.

Key Features

  • Inventory Management: This inventory management software enables users to properly access their supply levels in real-time and receive notifications and low stock alerts when specific inventory levels get low.
  • Barcode Scanning: SalesBinder is designed to work with any barcode scanner to help keep track of stock and monitor sales channels.
  • Purchase Orders: This feature makes sending customer orders to your suppliers to replenish your available stock a seamless task.
  • Multiple and Unlimited Locations: SalesBinder allows you to import different inventory lists from each location and have that reflected in your SalesBinder account.


  • Available in over 130 countries
  • Customer Relationship Management feature included
  • Barcode documents and items
  • Affordable payment plans


7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (10)

SalesBinder has both a forever free plan and paid plans. The paid plans are in various categories depending on their features and the attached prices.

  • The Forever Free Plan allows users to manage up to one hundred records and gives room to upgrade as your inventory expands and business grows.
  • The Starter Plan is ideal for new businesses.
  • The Bronze Plan accommodates multiple users and increases record size for business growth.
  • The Silver Plan is ideal for small businesses that require integrations.
  • The Gold Plan is a special plan with unlimited integrations. This plan is suitable for businesses with large inventory needs.

Try SalesBinder for free to get started

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6. StockPile

Best for Unlimited Items and Users

7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (11)

StockPile stands out among the various free inventory management tools because it is still the only software perfect for managing inventory without a paid plan.

Key Features

  • Free Inventory Tracking Software: StockPile allows users to track all their sales activities effectively, from basic actions like adding contacts from generated leads and prospects to creating sales orders and invoices.
  • Barcode Scanning: With its inbuilt barcode scanning feature, users easily and quickly know the status of an item stored in the warehouse and identify various items through a QR scanner or smartphone
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): This inventory management software has CRM functionality that greatly benefits the organization, such as contact, payment history, credit limits, and notes.


  • No user or product limits
  • Designed specifically for small businesses
  • Intuitive user interface


7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (12)

StockPile has a free forever plan. Inventory managers, ecommerce businesses, and various organizations use SockPile to manage multiple warehouses and inventory items.

However, because it is free forever, StockPile allows paid advertisements on the platform to cover the application's cost.

7. RightControl

Best for Service Industries With Small Inventories

7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (13)

RightControl inventory management software has various features designed to aid inventory managers, such as tracking stock levels, processing new sales and purchase orders, and creating invoices for billing.

Key Features

  • Automate your Financial Processes: RightControl is great for finance process automation, such as setting up your various credit terms, setting default surcharge percentages for card payments, and setting store-accepted payment methods and card types.
  • Sales Orders: This inventory software makes creating sales orders seamless to ensure proper tracking and monitoring. You add sales orders to the inventory databases with just one click.
  • Booking Inventory: The RightControl inventory management software is embedded with an efficient booking process that effectively handles a large variety of inventory, from single items to multiple items and direct items.


  • Includes shipping and warehouse management features
  • Excellent CRM tool
  • Barcode generator
  • Ideal for service industries


7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (14)

Apart from the free version, other paid plans are available for organizations to carry out their inventory-related activities effectively.

  • The Lite Plan is free, has great CRM systems, and is best for service industries with a small amount of inventory to track.
  • The Solo Plan is ideal for small businesses and individuals with little inventory management needs.
  • The Pro Plan is great for more advanced users and handles the inventory needs of many businesses.
  • The Workgroup Plan is suitable for businesses with large inventory management needs.

How to Choose Inventory Management Software

Choosing the best inventory management software can take time due to the many choices available in the market. Although there are many inventory management software, only some are suitable for your inventory needs.

Consider these factors before choosing inventory management software.

1. Ease of Use

Ensure the inventory system you select for your business is easy to use for your employees. Many inventory management systems have technical features that may prove difficult for your employees to use with the necessary training adequately.

Choose an inventory management software that provides sufficient training resources and robust support for your employees.

2. Features

Before choosing an inventory management software, consider your inventory needs and create a list of must-have features that suits the outcome you desire in your business.

Here are the top inventory management features to consider before choosing an inventory management tool.

  • Inventory Forecasting: An inventory software system should be able to store past sales data to help predict or forecast demand and make the company plan for future stock requirements.
  • Reordering: This feature ensures orders and stock-keeping units (SKUs) can be created and managed so that you can reload inventory faster and easier.
  • Live Syncing: A live central stock figure should be kept in one system. This live central figure should reflect accurately across all warehouses and sales channels.
  • Barcode Scanning: Sync the system with the barcode scanning to ensure products can be easily identifiable and trackable.
  • Return Processing: This feature separates written-off and returned orders so you can add them to the stock.
  • Automation and Rules: The inventory system should create stock rules to show different available amounts for individual sales channels and locations.
  • Integration: All the necessary sales channels, shipping carriers, POS systems, and accounting software should be connected to the inventory software system.
  • Suppliers: This feature organizes all the suppliers and vendors in one place so they can be easily contacted if there is a demand or a need to change, create or speed up an order.
  • Reports: The system should organize data to provide insight and analysis on sales, products, and warehouses to help improve future product decision-making.
  • Stock Notification: When a product hits its pre-defined reorder point and needs replenishing, the system should ensure notifications and alerts to signify this.
  • Multiple Warehouse: The system must manage inventory across several warehouses, stores, and locations.
  • Bundles: This feature accurately maintains a central inventory figure even when products are grouped and sold in kits and bundles.
  • Cycle Counts: The software should assign inventory counting tasks weekly to the warehouse team to ensure that stock is always kept up-to-date with little disparity.

3. Timing

Your inventory management system must match the timing of your business. It must keep you from slowing down in any way and must be within your pace.

4. Support

Adequate support is crucial when searching for a suitable inventory system for your business. Ensure the software provider of choice provides adequate support so that you can easily contact a customer rep for help if something goes wrong.

Although much free inventory management software does not support users, some free options provide some level of support, usually in the form of documentation, FAQs, and a strong online community.

5. Development

Since this software is critical to the proper function of your business, you need to find one built on the latest technology and driven by innovation.

The best inventory management software should be actively developed, have its bugs constantly fixed, and should be updated on regular bases.


What is the Best Program for Keeping Track of Inventory?

There is no best solution for keeping track of inventory for some businesses. Most inventory management systems are built for one business type or industry-specific feature so they can perform at their utmost efficiency. Despite their efficiency, they come with their various cons.

However, Sortly is considered the best overall inventory management software for small businesses to manage inventory and supplies. It is ideal for different businesses and industries for construction, retail, manufacturing, service, distribution, and commerce.

How Can I Keep Track of My Inventory for Free?

You can keep track of your inventory free by using open-source inventory management systems. These are available online and are easy to access and use. The best open-source inventory management system is StockPile.

What is the Best Free Inventory Management System?

Finding the best free inventory management system is a challenging task. Many free options do not provide rich inventory management features and restrict access to them, such as limiting the number of users and inventory items for tracking.

Because of the importance of effective inventory management, it is essential to choose the best free inventory management software that provides rich features that meet your business needs.

This guide reviewed the best free inventory management software in 2022. Here are our top free inventory management systems:

Best Overall


A powerful free inventory management software with comprehensive free plan features for different business types.

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7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (16)

Best for Scalability

Zoho Inventory

A scalable inventory management system offering free shipment tracking and warehouse management features

7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (17)

Best for Manufacturing Firms

ABC Inventory

An excellent free inventory management solution offering manufacturing firms and repair shops features

7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (18)

Best for Integration


A free online inventory and order management system offering integrations with tools like QuickBooks Online

7 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2023 | FounderJar (19)

Best for Small Businesses


An ideal free inventory management system for small businesses looking for simplicity and basic inventory features

If you need more information about inventory management to help you make an informed decision, here are some insightful resources for you:

  • What is Inventory Management?
  • What is Inventory Control?
  • What is Inventory Management Process?
  • Best Warehouse Inventory Management Software
  • Best Tool Inventory and Equipment Tracking Software
  • Ultimate List of Inventory Management Statistics

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How can I manage my inventory for free? ›

Here are some of the best free inventory management software solutions and their standout features.
  1. Stockpile by Canvus: Best for unlimited items and users.
  2. Sortly: Best for industry-specific guidance.
  3. Zoho Inventory: Best scalable inventory software.
  4. SalesBinder: Best for managing multiple locations.
Aug 19, 2022

Which software is recommended to inventory management? ›

Zoho Inventory is an online inventory management software with a robust free version and affordable paid plans. For small businesses or start-ups, Zoho Inventory lets you add items, fulfill orders and view inventory from any device, making it the best free option.

Which company has the best inventory management system? ›


They are known for being the #1 Cloud ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning. Their warehouse management tools along with purchase orders, production, and supply chain management all fall under their ERP platform.

Does Google have an inventory program? ›

What Is a Google Sheets Inventory Template? A Google Sheets inventory template helps you track and manage inventory items by name, number, reorder status, and vendor information. It also helps you track costs per item, stock quantities, and reorder levels, and calculates total inventory value.

Can I use Square just for inventory? ›

Square's inventory management gives you basic tools to keep a clear count of in-stock items in your item library. For items with inventory enabled, the stock count will update based on sales from the Square app, Square Invoices, and for orders shipped through your online store.

Which inventory system is best for small business? ›

NerdWallet's Best Inventory Management Software of February 2023
  • Cin7 Orderhive: Best for E-commerce businesses.
  • Brightpearl: Best for Comprehensive software suite.
  • Square for Retail: Best for Basic inventory needs.
  • Lightspeed Retail: Best for More complex inventory needs.
  • inFlow Inventory: Best for B2B companies.
Oct 25, 2022

What is the easiest way to keep track of inventory? ›

The best way to keep track of inventory is with an easy-to-use, robust inventory management software system. With inventory management software, you can get real-time alerts, add meaningful pictures to your inventory list, and utilize barcodes and QR codes to automate otherwise tedious, error-prone processes.

Is Excel best for inventory management? ›

With integrated tools, features, and formulas to make spreadsheets more dynamic and interactive, Excel is also capable of handling basic inventory management for small businesses. While not ideal for a medium or large sized inventory, Excel is cost-effective or, if you use it in OneDrive, even free.

What type of inventory system does Walmart use? ›

Buffer inventory.

Walmart uses the buffer inventory type in its stores by keeping a small margin of extra goods in order to maintain business continuity when demand suddenly fluctuates. For this purpose, there will always be an extra stock of goods at Walmart stores.

What are the 4 types of inventory management? ›

The 4 Types of Inventory Management

The types of inventory management are Raw Materials, Works-In-Process, Maintenance, Repair and Operations or MRO and Finished Goods.

What software does Home Depot use for inventory? ›

The InfiPlex™ Inventory & Order Management System (OMS) offers a Home Depot Integration that makes it easy to manage all your orders from HomeDepot.com. The OMS automatically pulls your orders, updates inventory, and sends tracking numbers back to Home Depot as soon as you purchase your shipping labels.

How much does it cost to get inventory management software? ›

Typically, inventory management software, on average, costs approximately $100 per month, though lower-cost solutions are available. The most expensive software can cost up to $3,000 per month or might come with a one-time licensing fee of a few thousand dollars.

What are the 2 types of inventory systems? ›

Two types of inventory are periodic and perpetual inventory. Both are accounting methods that businesses use to track the number of products they have available.

Does Excel have an inventory template? ›

For details about your existing equipment, an Excel inventory template stores everything you need, including stock number, physical condition, and financial status.

How do I create my own inventory system? ›

The Critical Elements of a Pretty Good Inventory System
  1. Well Organized Location Names.
  2. Location Labels that are easy to read, and unambiguous.
  3. Unique, Short, and Unmistakable Item Numbers.
  4. Units of Measure.
  5. A Good Starting Count.
  6. Software that tracks all inventory activity.
  7. Good Policies.

How do you make a spreadsheet keep track of inventory? ›

How to Create An Excel Inventory Management System
  1. Create a spreadsheet. To manage your inventory in Microsoft Excel, begin by creating a new spreadsheet. ...
  2. Add any necessary product categories as columns. ...
  3. Add each product that you carry to the spreadsheet. ...
  4. Adjust the quantities as you make sales.

What is the simplest way to manage inventory? ›

Here are some of the techniques that many small businesses use to manage inventory:
  1. Fine-tune your forecasting. ...
  2. Use the FIFO approach (first in, first out). ...
  3. Identify low-turn stock. ...
  4. Audit your stock. ...
  5. Use cloud-based inventory management software. ...
  6. Track your stock levels at all times. ...
  7. Reduce equipment repair times.
May 27, 2021

Can I use Excel for inventory management? ›

With integrated tools, features, and formulas to make spreadsheets more dynamic and interactive, Excel is also capable of handling basic inventory management for small businesses. While not ideal for a medium or large sized inventory, Excel is cost-effective or, if you use it in OneDrive, even free.

Is there an app for taking inventory? ›

Sortly is a super simple inventory tracking solution that enables businesses and teams to easily track what they have, where it is, and who has it. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

What is 80 20 inventory rule? ›

What Is the 80/20 Inventory Management Rule? The 80/20 rule states that 80% of results come from 20% of efforts, customers or another unit of measurement. When applied to inventory, the rule suggests that companies earn roughly 80% of their profits from 20% of their products.

What are the 3 major inventory control techniques? ›

In this article we'll dive into the three most common inventory management strategies that most manufacturers operate by: the pull strategy, the push strategy, and the just in time (JIT) strategy.


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